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    Another newbie here, although I'm pretty sure I recognise some members here from other forums.
    Hi JonV, Steve & Dave!
    My system, for those that don't already know is
    Michell Orbe/Ekos/Dorian/Ear834p
    MacMini/Pure Music/HiFace/Lavry DA10
    Graaf GM50b amp
    Focal 1007be speakers
    Hi to all here!
  • Welcome, Matt

    There's some interesting gear there.

  • Hi Matt - good to see you. Get stuck in!
  • Wotcha fellas
    Thanks for the invite, looks nice n' fresh around here. 
    I am a vinyl head first and foremost, however having recently dipped my toe into computer audio I'm thoroughly enjoying some old music that hasn't seen the light of day for years chez scoobs I'm also enjoying the steep learning curve that is aiff, bit depth and galvanic isolation!...

    Musically it's electronica, psyche and indie rock, but like most folk around here I've got a bit of everything kicking around for when the mood takes.

    Hardware ...
    Pioneer PL-70L2 vintage direct drive
    Denon 103R
    NVA Phono2

    Mac mini with SSD running Decibel
    Arcam rDAC
    HRT MS2+ 

    NVA AP10hx sa headphone amp / passive pre
    Musical Fidelity X-Can V8P

    AKG 702 
    Sony SA-S1 active hybrid speakers

    Alrighty then.
  • Hi Scoobs, great to see you. Make yourself right at home.

    Did the SSD in your MAC make a big difference? I'm thinking of sticking one in mine soon.
  • Interesting stuff Scoobs

  • Thanks guys.
    Alan, I bought the mini from a forum member who had pimped it for music and the ssd was ready installed when i acquired it. It runs fast, silent and cool but I cant comment on sound quality. I dont know if memory play in decibel / pure music etc offers an equivalent improvement of sorts?
  • Welcome to this little corner of the www Nick - good to see you here. :)
  • Welcome Scoobs

    I hope you enjoy this peculiar corner of the Web.
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    Hi everyone

    I'm Chris K. I just turned 60 on 22 January! My wife Rachel and I live in Sunbury on Thames.

    Jamie L recommended this forum to me and it's good to see some familiar faces here!

    My current system:-

    Michell Orbe SE/Tecnoarm/Ortofon Cadenza Bronze
    Lyngdorf CD1
    Lyngdorf TDAI2200 Integrated Amp
    Lyngdorf Millenium ADC used as a phono stage
    Proac Response D18 speakers
    REL R305SE
    Arcam T32 Tuner
    Quadraspire XL rack
    Audioquest DBS cabling throughout
    Isotek Supreme mains cables

    I used to own an all Naim set up (555, 552, 300 etc) but had to sell it all when my job went south in 2009.

    My musical tastes are eclectic: classical, jazz, soul,  classic rock (Allmans to ZZ Top!), blues, folk, country, electronica. Hip-hop, rap and modern R&B don't do it for me.

    I am a software sales guy but was lucky enough to get a job at AudioT until a new software job came up last October.

    I wish the forum well.

  • Welcome, Chris.

    Thanks for the good wishes. I hope you find a home here.
  • Hi Chris and welcome

    Enjoy and Happy belated birthday
  • Hi Chris - looks like you can add some needed class to the joint....Welcome!
  • Nice to see you here Chris.

  • Welcome Chris nice to see more folk coming over from the dark side    B-)
  • Hi Guys,

    Ok system, Naim 282, 200, HC2, 5x, FC2, LP12 in to SL2 on Quadraspire acrylic reference racks (LP12 on Quad wall Black shelf (Not acrylic!) all running from a Merlin Funnel mains block

    Interests include Mountain bikes and Hifi

    Thats me



  • Hello Keith, glad you stopped in. Make yourself at home.
  • Hi Keith

    Welcome to Audio Chews. 

    I have a mountain bike, but it's not used for mountain biking. So let's talk about hi-fi 
  • Welcome Keith

  • Scoobs, are you also tree-hugger...?
  • Hi

    I am Jamie L, a refugee from the Naim forum, like a few others recent arrivals here.

    On the subject of arrivals, I am a father of nearly four weeks, and although very tired, have the most beautiful daughter (I know I am biased on that, but I also think I might be right).

    Hi-fi: Naim CD5x - Naim Nait 3 - Tannoy D300.
    A very aggressive and immediate sound, which suits rock, jazz, electorinic, orchestral and even acoustic songwriting. Probably pretty useless for string quartets I suspect though.

    Plus various makes DVDR, DVD, CDR, tuner, but they are nothing special.

    A few favourite musicians: Van Der Graaf Generator/Peter Hammill, Led Zeppelin, Underworld, Miles Davis, Mark Kozelek/SKM/Red House painters, Yes, Pearl Jam, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Redshift, King Crimson/Fripp, Eno, Dead Can Dance, REM, Art Blakey, Vaughan Williams.....

    The arts: Peter Greenaway, Hunter S Thompson, Clint Eastwood (director and actor), Cohen Brothers, Douglas Coupland, Alain Resnais, David Simon (Homicide, The Wire, etc), Russell Mills, Don Siegel, David Carson, Roger Dean, Tomato/Karl Hyde/John Warwicker, Hipgnosis....

    Religion, sorry I mean sport, or maybe I was right first time: Denver Broncos (NFL), England Cricket Team, Yorkshire Cricket Team.

    Geek: Model railways, Photoshop, Avid Illusion. Play drums, not so often these days though. Collect live sessions, recording, bootlegs.

    I live within 15 minutes walk of Headingley Cricket Ground and I work in film and TV doing computer effects (VFX Supervisor).

    But mostly now change nappies and feed milk to my daughter.
  • Hi Jamie

    Congrats on your new arrival. 

    Sounds like your musical taste may fit with @Jim. We've been chatting about VDGG only this afternoon on the Listening to... discussion.

    Interesting you work in film and TV. I've spent a chunk of today working on one of Quantel's Web sites and writing about S3D.

    Anyhow, welcome to Audio Chews.
  • Indeedy do!  Good list of music IMV

    Welcome Jamie, enjoy
  • Never heard of Mark Kozelek.  Just Spottied him - liking it so far.  Thanks Jaimie
  • Hi Jamie, Make yourself right at home.
  • Hi Jamie, congratulations and good to see you here.  Has our great pal Ewen arrived yet?

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    Not sure who else has come over (yet). From the experience I had with my old forum, if Naim sort out their problems people may go back, as happened when a certain moderator was dropped.

    I must say I would like a forum other than Naim to succeed, even when working at its best, I found the lack of personal communication, and the barring of certain discussions too restrictive.

    A community not ruled by those with a commercial interest would be good to see flourish.

    Thanks for all the welcomes, it would be good to see this grow into something strong and independent.
  • No commercial axes to grind here, Jamie.

    Tell all your friends and you'll help us grow.
  • Hi All

    I'm Clive D but have adopted the persona of DevilC here. I am an occasional user of pfm and hope that this site will combine its better aspects without the acrimony, divisiveness and bitterness which sometimes surfaces there!

    My kit is pretty unexceptional but I'm happy with it. I have a Meridian 206 CD player which either uses its inbuilt DAC or the one from my Lexicoon MC1 processor/pre-amp. The power amp is loosely based on Les W's NCC200, built by the wonderful Paul Russell a couple of years ago. The speakers are Kef RDM3s, biwired and connected by some flat Nordost speaker cable. I also have a Popcorn Hour media server with lots of films and music stored on various external hard disks. This also gives me Internet Radio which I'm very fond of.

    Musical tastes vary but favourite artists include The Doors, Stones, Eagles, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Johny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Ray Lamontagne, Neil Young and many less well known bands/singers.

    I'm looking forward to getting involved here and wish all involved with audiochews success, particularly Alan Brown who was kind enough to alert me to its presence.

    Good luck guys!
  • Hi Clive

    Welcome.  We are trying very hard to avoid lots of the common pitfalls.

  • Thanks Clive

    Please make yourself comfortable...

    Aside from @Alan, everyone here seems to be well-behaved 

    But seriously, the five of us - Jim, Alan, Docfoster, Gromit and me - set up Audio Chews because we don't like what goes on from time to time on the other forums. As @Jim says, we're trying hard to avoid as many of the obvious pitfalls as we can.
  • Good to see you Clive! Glad to have you on board.

    The more people add at this early stage, the more the 'personality' of AudioChews will be shaped - you are most welcome to be a part of that, as is every member.
  • Hi All,

    I bought Alan's gotham cables over at PFM (where I post as martin clark); and with only minor prodding here I am.

    I'll listen to anything at least twice, and mostly that's via a Naim CD2/Onix BWD1 / DPA50s pre/ 2 x DPA50S power amps / Impulse H2

    - though nome of it remains as manufactured, some of it now glows in the dark internally; and sometimes I plug in a Tek scope and let it do the tedious listening business for me ;) There are also a couple of spare systems' worth in cupboards spanning from valve tuners to DIY efforts that kept the smoke in; I am down to only 4 headphone amps these days...
  • Welcome to Audio Chews, Martin

    And also to the more exclusive club of those who have bought dodgy cast-off cables from @Alan  

    I've always had a hankering after a pair of H2s since running a pair of H6s on the end of my NVA TDS monoblocks some 15 years ago. A recipe for early deafness, but great fun!

    Anyway, I hope you join in as much as you can here, as we're still very much in the early stages of building our community.
  • Welcome Martin

    H2s - nice :)
  • I want to know what H2's are, so I can want them also!

    I can't invite anyone else as I'm run out of cables now....

    Welcome Martin, great to see you. We are now elevating the tone around here!
  • Hi again

    Just back from the pub, there's every chance this post will make even less sense than my inaugural one!

    Thanks to Jim, uglymusic and Alan for their good wishes. I will try to make sensible posts (unlikely), if that fails I'll try to add some humour. I admire the aims of the community and really hope that it manages to avoid the pitfalls of some of the others.

    I had a drink tonight with, among others, a one-time regular contributor to another site. His take on it was that he found himself disagreeing vehemently with so many posts that he gave up. And he is the source of so much knowledge in his particular field that you would happily pay for his knowledge.

    So keep it friendly, even if disagreements do raise more posts and threads. It is possible to hold different views without falling out big time.

  • Hear Hear!
  • I believe it is.
  • Hi , I'm John
    I'm been a DIYer for about 15 years. I discovered how to modify & improve the stock Hiface & posted it all on DIYaudio. I started doing these mods for others when the request became numerous. So I guess I'm considered a dealer/manufacturer now although the modified Hiface is all I do. I have a real job :) Hopefully I can contribute!

    My system is a modified Hiface feeding I2S into a Sabre DAC to a HHugh Dean Naksa Amplifier & Jordan JX92S DIY speakers. Musical tastes range across a wide spectrum - everything except classical, I guess.  
  • Hi John

    Glad you could make it. Your name has certainly appeared elsewhere in this community.

    Looking forward to your contributions.


  • Welcome John

    What cabs have you got your Jordans in?
  • Hi John,

    I've read a lot of your postings with interest all across the www. - I hope you enjoy posting here in our small corner.
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  • Uh, no I didn't.  Weird?
  • Hi John,

    I've read a lot of your postings with interest all across the www. - I hope you enjoy posting here in our small corner.
    Oops, I'm in trouble, so :)
  • No, no trouble!


    BTW, what you though was a double post wasn't; it appears to be a bug with vanilla - if you delete one they both go. If you leave them, only one remains!
  • Oh, OK all round :)
  • Ah, I see.  We leave that in for new guys :)
  • Hello from Andrew!

    I used to a 'prog' only man but recently my tast widened to Cat Stevens and classical.




    DIY HiCAP (Linear PSU with superTeddyRegs)

    NAIM NAC72 (with Teddyeg internal regulators on NJ321/729 boards)

    DIY Dual Linear PSU for 72

    ZAP250 power amp (DUAL mono NAP180)

    Epos ES14s



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