Please introduce yourself



  • :-@ O:)
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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys.


    Welcome Bill.


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    I look forward to receiving the hiface Dave. Thank you.

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    I'm Paul, new to Audiochews and hope that I can make some sort of positive contribution with my membership.  Until very recently I was Chartered Civil Engineer running multi-million pound canal restoration schemes and have now taken the leap into the hifi world after 25 years of interest bordering on obsessional! (well, in my own small way, custom building cables for enthusiasts).

    My system has taken many years of scrimping, saving and swapping to get right and I'm very fortunate to currently run the following:

    Source components:

    Gyro SE/SME309/Shelter 5000
    Garrard 401 in custom (home made) plinth/SME3009/Sonus BlueGold

    Phono stage: EAR 834P signature.

    CD Player:  Consonance Mini Droplet 3.1


    Amp:  Lumley Reference series ST40 (one of only 10 built) with passive PP40 control unit.

    Speakers:  Horning Agathon Ultimate Horn Loaded (Lowther DX4 for mid duties only with whizzer cone removed;  lotus tweeter;  twin 12" Beyma Bass units round back).


    Other:  Neco Soundlabs headamp;  Graham Slee Gramamp2 MM phono stage;  Grade s60 cans.

    Musical tastes vary from classical, to jazz, blues, folk, rock and contemporary, so very Catholic.

    My wife thinks I'm mad if I think my system "blends in" unobtrusively but puts up with me.  Does that qualify me to be here?
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    I appear to have messed up posting pictures.  Can anyone help?  Now sorted...please ignore. :)
  • That's a nice-looking rig Paul.
  • Beautiful system Paul - I hope it sounds nearly as fine as it appears. Thanks for raising the tone!

    Please make yourself at home here - it is a fledgling forum and you are (along with everyone else) quite welcome to influence it's direction & growth.
  • Many thanks Alan.  The system sounds pretty sublime and won't be tinkered with now for many years to come.  It's refreshing to find a Hi-Fi forum for "grown-ups" :-D
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    Looking at that posting time, I'd say your resident not-so-grown-up might have been at work? ;-)
  • You guessed it Dave.  3am, 4:30 am and 6am.
  • Nasty business! :-)
  • Hi Paul

    Welcome.  That's a fine looking system you have there.  I am from down under in Aus and hope to provide a unique Australian perspective.

  • Hi Bill

    Many thanks.  I have an understanding wife which helps! (never thought I'd get away with the Agathons but the wife loves their furniture appeal!)

    Looking forward to hearing of your hifi exploits in Aus (do CD's have to spin the other way in the southern hemisphere to sound good?)
  • About time I did the introduction then.

    Simon, Communications Director for a U.S sporting goods manufacturer. I'm based in Sheffield with cat, 1st born and significant other- who is very accommodating of my hobby.

    My set up is.

    Analogue: SME 10, SMEV, Benz LP cartridge, Naim Superline phonostage, Dual Teddyregged supply, with a spare heavily modded Naim Prefix phonostage still in the wings.

    Digital: Macbook Pro17", Decibel/Itunes, Young DAC.

    Amps: Passlabs B1, all teflon caps and silver wiring, Goldpoint volume control. Pair of TAg Mclaren 125m monoblocks.

    Speakers: Focal 1027Be's and a set of Epos ES14's that i can't bear to part with.
  • About time, too!  :-D
  • Pass labs - that itch will not go away! Nice to remake your acquaintance, Si!
  • I moved @bibo01's post here.


    I have been following this thread about Young DAC for quite a while. I have been in touch with Simon for his PSU as well.

    I am Italian and on that site I am in charge of a section about cMP2, an open international project for a memory based PC Audio Transport ( Therefore, I am mostly interested in DACs and I hope I will be able to keep reviewing them. My experience is multifaceted, from electronics to IT, from music to movie-making...

    Thanks for this good board.

  • Thanks bibo01. 

    cMP2 looks interesting. I wonder if any Audio Chews members have tried it?
  • Good to see you here Simon.
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  • Introductions! Feels a little like the 1st day of a training course when you have to stand up and introduce yourself!

    Anyway, Alan kindly invited me to join following a brief eBay skirmish, my name is Neil and I'm variously based in Ashtead, Whyteleafe and Harlow.

    Musical taste is hugely varied - most recently Mike Oldfield (Music of the Spheres), Prefab Sprout (Remaster/Acoustic Version of Steve McQueen) and all things Talk Talk, Genesis and Peter Gabriel!

    System as follows:

    Meridian 506 CDP
    Meridian 563 DAC
    Meridian 502 Pre Amp
    Meridian 605 Monoblocks (Pair)
    Royd Abbots
    Cables and Connectors currently being upgraded!

    Hope to chat soon and benefit from some advice.


  • Welcome Neil - you can be the Meridian man then! They must be good, but I'm not that familiar  with your kit - save for the Royds.

    Anyway - feel free to join in & give us advice too.....
  • Hi Neil

    You are definitely the Meridian Man. Welcome!

    I hope we can give you some good advice, and as Alan said, I'm sure you'll be able to help us, too.

    Tell me more about this fleaBay skirmish. I'm intrigued...


  • Thanks for the welcome!

    The 'Skirmish' was more a case of Alan helping me to ensure eBay didn't get their cut, this time, on a sale!

    Anyway, just at the moment I'm pondering speakers so I'll post something on my dilemma in the correct pigeon hole!

    Thanks again!

  • My name is Paul Quick.

    Current system is Modded Arcam Alpha 5 CD Player.Amps/cables by Colin Wonfor/Audio Physic Virgo 3 speakers.

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    Hi Paul, welcome to the nuthouse...I'm staying near South Molton with the family this weekend- is that the moor shaking from a TOCA?

    I can't believe it hasn't sold yet, that has to be one of the most serious amps ever made.

    Please tell us a bit more about the 'Q' cables when you can, Im very interested in what makes them tick. Feel free to start a thread if you like. Oh, and Colin would be very welcome as well.
  • Thanks for the welcome Alan,

    Lol.....tis only 20w but the bass is nice.........

    Feel free to pop in if you are in Barnstaple.

    I can't believe it hasn't sold either.......i'm even offering the bloody thing on sale or return.

    Got TQ interconnects and Ultra Black speaker cable here now as well :)


  • Ultra eh? Pretty swish, I don't think I've heard any user impressions yet.
  • I think a few on PFM have heard it.

    Its a bit like upgrading through the NVA amp range.Same qualities just more of it :)



  • Welcome, Paul

    Please make yourself at home.
  • Hi All,

    Please be gentle I have had a bad time with forums I tend to screw up my welcome.

    Colin J. Wonfor
  • Hi Colin

    Welcome. We're pretty strict on behaviour around here, so you shouldn't encounter any problems.
  • Hello Colin,

    You are very welcome, we'll try to look after you! The only rule around here is to be good - no nastiness. We hope it'll work, it seems to be a revolutionary idea within the pantheon of UK HiFi forums!

    Would love to see a bit of your amp if you fancy posting pics some day.
  • Hi Col,

    Good to see you here mate.


  • Hello all, You may know me from the other forums... I'm well known to be quite opinionated :)

  • Hi Raj (is that right?) - you and your opinions are very welcome here.

    Make yourself comfortable!
  • Hi Spacey

  • Dave - we were talking about active speakers recently? Ask Spacey to post some pics of his....
  • Alrighty!

    @Spacey, could you post some pictures of your active speakers, please? (I find it's always best to do what Alan suggests. It's not good seeing a grown man having a tantrum)
  • Hi Raj (is that right?) - you and your opinions are very welcome here.

    Make yourself comfortable!

    Yerp that is me. :) will find a comfy seat and settle in :)
  • Alrighty!

    @Spacey, could you post some pictures of your active speakers, please? (I find it's always best to do what Alan suggests. It's not good seeing a grown man having a tantrum)

    Where is best to post them?
  • Loudspeakers, I'd say, Raj.
  • How about starting a general thread on building a system around active speakers - cutting out separate amps?

    It's an interesting way to build a system.
  • BTW, look at the 'virgo three' thread for info on posting pics here - it's a little different to PFM & WW.
  • Hi Fellas, New to Audiochews, I used to work for Bespoke Audio Stockport, with Albert and Barry, I was also involved in the conception of the now legendary Albarry M408 Mono-bloc power amps, in one way or another I have been involved in the Audio industry for many years and I have been fortunate to have heard many different systems or individual components, My System at present, Trio LO7D t/table, Dynavector 10x5, Ortofon SPU, Ortofon MC30 and Audio Technica 24 cartridges,Spectral DMC 12 Pre-amp, Spectral interconnects, Albarry M408 Mono-blocs, Allison 3 speakers, Chord Rumour speaker cable along with Music Works mains block and cables are all Cryogenically treated, tables are Quadraspire with acrylic shelves, power supply stands are Music Works acrylic. hope to share some interesting ideas. regards Alan
  • Welcome Alan

    Please make yourself at home.
  • Welcome indeed Al - Nice system.

    Good to see Albarry resurfacing as well. Are you connected with the current range?
  • Hi Alan, I don't work for Albarry, but I have known Neil Burnett since the 70s and I think he is an electronics genius, and such a nice guy, I have had the new Albarry AP11 and M608s at home and they are fantastic and as soon as I sell my current amps I will be buying the new set up, lately I have heard a direct a/b with Spectral and David Berning valve amps and they stood up very well in my humble opinion( is that usually put as IMHO?) I wish him luck. regards Al.
  • FWIW, I used to use M408s before I went all NVA. Loved them.

    I still own them, but they're with someone else at the moment (long story, not for here), and your posts have reminded me that I need to get them back.
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