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  • IMHO - Yes that's right.

    Do you have a pic of the new amps? Can they possibly look as cool as the M408s? (OK, it's how they sound I know, but still....)
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    Just continuing the chat, I like many different kinds of music, but I'm not keen on heavy metal, though I do like Sweet child of mine Guns and Roses, I have about 2000 LPs and about the same in 7" singles, at present I have no will to buy a CD player, though I have heard some marvellous machines, including Creek,Cairn, Accuphase and dCS. my other hobbies include martial arts, I have been doing kung fu for 43 years and I'm a 3rd Dan Black belt,( but I'm a really quiet guy) I've also been training with the Samurai sword for 25 years, I am studying German at present and I have been learning to speak, read and write Japanese for about 8 years, I'm still rubbish at it though, my other little love is my Citroen 2CV. hope to have some pleasant chats with you guys. regards Al
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    Alan, the M608s are very similar to the M408s just slightly bigger and they have acrylic top slides instead of aluminium, you can see them on Albarry Musics web site( sorry I don't know how to do that link thing yet) Al
    PS what do those little squares with "trying to give a damn" mean, I'm scared to touch them, I'm such a computer wimp.
  • Alan, the M608s are very similar to the M408s just slightly bigger and they have acrylic top slides instead of aluminium, you can see them on Albarry Musics web site( sorry I don't know how to do that link thing yet) Al
    PS what do those little squares with "trying to give a damn" mean, I'm scared to touch them, I'm such a computer wimp.
    Nothing at all mate - they aren't real buttons and you can't press them!

    Just my idea of a little joke - a little dark perhaps? I might change it for something more welcoming.
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    Hi!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    A New member from Sweden.

    Well how to make a proper introduction, without a bar insight?

    I have been addicted since 1985. We had a guy in my office sweeping the floors and one day we started talking about hifi equipment since I was in the market just moved to my first flat. This guy was not only sweeping the floors at my workplace, he was also cleaning a shop with the humble name The only High End shop in town...

    I visited that shop and listened to a Sugden A28 Class A amp, Snell EII speakers and a Systemdek IIX turntable and I was hooked. I could not afford this rig at the time, but I have been pursuing this sensation ever since. I have probably excided this level of sound quality many years ago but I am still searching (for some reason). I like all kinds of music but tend to listen mostly to rock/pop, jazz and soul.

    My system today is consist of Simply black magic turntable incl. SME 309, MF X/LPS phonostage, M2 Tec young Dac (my sons Mac Book, will soon be replaced by Mac Mini), Audion Silver night MKII SE Monoblock, Living Voice OBX R2.



  • Hi Magnus, and welcome.

    Another Young user, I see. It's almost become a rite of passage for us Chewers 

    Anyway, I hope you feel happy to post - we don't bite. 
  • Hello Magnus,

    Please make yourself at home & join in. We are pleased to have you on board.

  • Hi folks,

    I'm Steve and I live in Manchester. I am into hi-fi because I love music - I like to listen to the music, not the hi-fi! That said, I am also a bit of gadget-lover and I do have a weakness for aesthetically pleasing turntables... 

    You might say my music tastes are eclectic - including rock, pop, indie, hip-hop, funk, dance, electronica, folk, classical, opera, jazz, world and even some (good) country music!  Since seriously embracing classical and opera about 5 years ago I have, to my girlfriend's horror, amassed about 2,000 CDs to this effect. 

    Anyway, I look forward to hanging with you, Chewers!

    All the best,
  • Hi Steve -

    Make yourself right at home & help shape this little community! Great to have you on board.
  • Hi Steve. And welcome!
  • just saying hello to all , i was invited over from pink fish by Alan, so its all his fault , ! OK,
    long time vinyl freak and music lover, looking forward to conversing with you all,
    best regards,
  • Hi Matt. Welcome

    What kind of music do you like?
  • Hi Matt,

    Make yourself comfortable! We badly need more vinyl enthusiasts round here - spread the word!
  • hi Alan, ive just turned my back on the vinyl engine as i got sick of the same few members over there wrecking what was a very nice forum at one time, i will whisper the word carefully,
    all the best,
  • hi Alan, ive just turned my back on the vinyl engine as i got sick of the same few members over there wrecking what was a very nice forum at one time, i will whisper the word carefully,
    all the best,
    Sounds like a plan.
  • That's cool. We can always mod any nasties.
  • That's cool. We can always mod any nasties.
    sounds good, no such luxury over on VE
  • Why's that then? No one can be bothered?
  • not sure TBH , it would seem that some members can get away with murder yet others are scolded just for offering valid opinions,, some threads have run into 10 pages or more of argument that was nothing to do with the original post, bizarre , perhaps its entertainment but not for me
    the audiochews community seems far more level headed , its just hi fi after all.
    all the best,
  • Level headed? How dare you sir - Pistols at dawn!
    >:p :-D
  • It is just hi-fi. Trudat!
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    Hi all, Alan mentioned you were all Royd freaks over here, so figured I better come join you. :)

    As you may or may not know, I'm the chap behind the website. A few years back Steve Bourney sold me some Royd Apex, which got me hooked. I noticed that the original official Royd Audio website had become defunct, so I made enquiries into filling the gap with a fan site. Mike Hanson, who originally created the official site, kindly let me use the domain name. The rest as they say is history. :)

    Since then, I've acquired the Royd Apex, Doublet, Minstrel, Envoy and AV77, the latter took many years of patience to track down. The rest of my kit is Primare SP31.7 pre/processor, Cairn KO5 power amp, Thorens TD160 Super + Alphason Xenon + other funky mods, Mac Mini + M-Audio Audiophile USB sound card, Hitachi FT5500Mk2 tuner, BK Monolith sub, Sony PS3, bluray player and telly. I'm also running an Exposure XXV and Cambridge Audio A500 in other rooms. I did have a Rega Apollo CD player, but have just flogged it, partly from lack of use and partly due to skint-ness. :-( 

    By day, I'm a Tools Programmer for Sony, currently working on the SingStar game (upcoming DanceStar Party game) and before that the Getaway PS2 games. I'm a bit of a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to coding, doing C++, C#, PHP, Perl, SQL, XML, XSLT etc. I generally create tools, UI's, scripts, webforms to help create game content, manage it, prepare it, encode it and export it ready for loading by the game or feeding online stores/websites/reporting etc.

    In my spare time I try to keep the Royd website active with any new info I find, from old brochures and photos to magazine reviews and setup/maintenance tips/guides. If anyone here has any suggestions of what they'd like to see on the site, please don't hesitate to let me know. In the mean time, keep it Royd! ;-)
  • You are very welcome Arfa - please make yourself at home. There are very few rules here, except for being nice, so I reckon you'll fit in pretty well!
  • Hi Arfa

    Thanks for all your hard work on the Royd site. I've read a lot of it!

    Yep. I have Royds. Of course.

    Looking forward to chewing the cud with you.
  • Not Chewing the Chud....
  • Nope. I don't want to put any of these in my mouth.  :-&
  • Yup! Definition #4 I think!
  • Revolting man! Now, I've told you about behaving yourself when you welcome new members  [-X #-O
  • Hi .
    For various reasons my listening system from the 80s became neglected until a Linn Classik Movie came on the scene ex-dem , forgotten in the store , in John Lewis .

    I thought that for £400 with CD / FM / 45w Stereo amps and free DVD / surround sound , it was kost effective .

    Unfortunately it struggles with my 1981 battered but not bowed  RCL ' Small Loudspeakers ' .
    I love the ritual of vinyl so a 1979 Rega and budget phono stage kept the faith .
    Recently I sought to clean up  what remains of the system and clear the loft of dead amps etc .
    Incidentally , the M/F boxes don't work for me . 

    ' dee '
  • Hi Dee,

    Welcome to this little corner of the www. I hope you make yourself right at home, its great to see a new member during the summer 'dead' season.

    You cab join in wherever you like, and you can also start your own discussion by using the big 'start discussion' button at the top right of the webpage.
  • Hi Dee. And welcome!

    Please feel free to pitch in - we don't bite!


  • Hi Guys,
    my name is Stefano and I live in Rome.
    I found this forum by chance and have been reading on since a few weeks: nice environment.

    I have a full Naim system and am waiting for the arrival of a pair of Avalon Transcendents (probably in a month time).
    I like all genres of music but prefer rock and jazz.

    Posted a few pics of the TQ Graphite range already as they may interest me in the near future and am curious to hear first impressions as they come about.

    Thanks to Alan for the invite to present myself.

    All the best.
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    Hi Stefano,

    You are very welcome here, feel free to invite any like-minded friends along. Do you know your fellow countrymen Sc_ita or schwantz34 from the forums? It's been a while since I saw either of them.

    You might already have noticed the technical director for Tellurium Q posts here...

    Have fun!
  • Welcome Stefano.

    I'm glad you like Chews.

    I'm always happy to hear from fellow jazz fans here - why not post some of what you're listening to in the Listening to Category?


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    Hello, Ive been hanging around here for a while checking out the info /opinions on various bits of kit to help guide myself into the new world of digital (computer based audio). I have in the last few months purchased a Young Dac to go with my Mac Mini. I have yet to decide on which player to use , amarra, PM etc, so may be picking some brains soon:) I am based North Kent and have been into hifi/Music since I was about 12 when my father ran a mobile disco which seemed to be always set up in the lounge at home. I enjoy the geekery of it all as my sounds seem to get better and better even if the better half says "it sounds the same as before"! In fact the biggest change to her was when the CD player went!! The only regret is that she can now turn it down or change tracks from upstairs or downstairs!! 
    I am running an Avondale/Shahinian Obelisk setup coming from Naim and Dynavector before. I love all music old and new, loud and quiet. Most of all, now that I have an established system to build on the prospect of looking forward to the big audio gains that are on the horizon as the full potential of digital audio recordings come to light is a very good one indeed.
    Hello to you all.
  • Hi Chris

    Welcome to Audio Chews. I'm glad you moved on from being a lurker.

    Sounds like a good system you have there. Why not start a thread about software? I know where I stand, but I'm sure there will be a lot of other points of view.


  • Thankyou Dave,

    I might just do that.

  • Welcome Chris - I look forward to reading your contributions. I think I'd also love your system, especially this speakers.
  • Welcome Chris - I look forward to reading your contributions. I think I'd also love your system, especially this speakers.
    Psst. All round to Chris's place. I'd like to hear them, too  :-D X_X
  • Hi Guys,
    My name is Anthony and I live in Wiltshire. Been into HiFi since the late 60's and had all sorts of stuff.
    Currently using

    PC to stream music to a Logitech Touch
    Chord Optochord Toslink Cable to Rega Dac
    Copy Rega Couple interconnects to Brio R Amplifier
    and finally to Royd Doublets using Rega speaker cable
    More than happy with the SQ


  • Welcome Anthony

    It's nice to have yet another Royd user here with a digital front end ;-)

    What are your musical tastes?


  • Hello Anthony, welcome to AudioChews.

    I have heard very good things said about the Rega DAC.
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    Greetings from the 'wet' coast of Canada.
    I'm a 60-something, recently retired music person, with an appropriate amount of time to enjoy my hobbies. In my former life (BR = Before Retirement) I worked in the field of molecular genetics as a technician primarily, developing microscopy systems and LED lighting used in GFP (Green Fluorescent Protien) imaging. I've been around 2-channel sound systems much of my life but really delving deeply at 16 with the purchase of my first Dynaco setup.
    I currently have some 11000 lp's and about 4000 cd's in my collection. My first album being purchased in 1962. I moved from one of the larger cities here in Canada to the west coast and left behind what was my 'alpha' system after having discovered the wonders of tripath based amplifiers a few years back.

    My 2-channel system is 2 fully recapped KingRex T20U's in a bi-amped configuration with their preamplifier and PSU's.
    CD playback is via a Micromega Microdrive, or Cambridge 540C
    My trusty Heybrook TT2 stands at the ready for vinyl playback.
    Speakers are 1.25 inch thick walled towers housing Fostex 126en's
    All umbilicals and wiring is a combination of solid Ag and
    UPOCC 7N copper. I've used Kimber TCSS for the internal speaker wiring.
  • hi jazzminded, welcome to Audiochews ,
     i have found all the members here to be a damn fine bunch  that are always full of respect and share opinions without falling out or going in the huff with each other , ive always got the impression that all the folks here are more concerned with enjoying music as opposed to 'Hi Fi' ,
     have fun and i look forward to chatting with you, especially regarding tripath amps, i have one at my work that cost a whopping £20 from China yet performs as well as a £200 integrated , 
    all the best,

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    Hi Jazzminded (you should fit in well here!) - I'm Alan. Welcome to you, our first member from Canadia! (only kidding...)

    I hope you feel right at home here, feel free to share this place with your friends too. It would be good to see a few more around these parts.

    Talk soon!

  • Hello everyone,

    I just signed up here but Rob Holt has been telling me it's a good forum for a long time! I'll be uploading a listening test in a bit that I'd appreciate if you can take part in.

  • Hi Simon, and welcome.

    I hope we'll be seeing some more of you once the listening test is over.


  • Hello All! :D

    I've been lurking the forum from time to time (thanks to the TelluriumQ's Facebook activities which directed me here) but was never really motivated to sign up until the clarion call to win their TelluriumQ Black cables pushed me to do so :P

    My modest system comprises of a venerable Marantz CD6000 OSE K.I.Signature CD player acting as transport for an Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC whose NOS tubed pre-output feeds an Almarro A205A Mk.II valve-amp (re-tubed with CryoValves from whose 4.8W drives an ATC SCM 11 surprisingly well! Even so, I'm still researching suitable high-sensitivity speakers (that can make the most of those watts) to replace the ATCs :P

    I listen to all kinds of music from Classical/Opera to Trip-Hop, from Acoustic Folk to Ambient Electronic, from movie soundscores to indigenous tribal music etc. My favourites include Nitin Sawhney, Bjork, J.S.Bach, A.R.Rahman, Tricky, SADE, Talvin Singh, Bomb the Bass, Depeche Mode, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Chicane etc. ;)
  • Just to add:

    I currently use Artisan Digital Dream digital interconnect, MAD Diamond Silver Signature analogue interconnects and Audio Physician speaker cables. The electronics sit on Vibrapods, Mission IsoPlats and SoundBytes filled SE24 Atacama stands for the speakers.

    Power-conditioning duties are by IsoTek EVO3 Aquarius which is connected to the mains via the IsoTek Syncro DC Blocking cable. And the stock fuses in plugs and electronics have been replaced with AMR Gold Fuses  with the exception of those in the IsoTek Syncro and the Almarro amp; apparently, the Almarro is such a well-balanced design for the money that even the stock cable sounds better than the silver-coated Audio Physician ones ;)
  • Hi Pryml.
    A Marantz CD player! I've been in that happy club...!
    Good luck in the comp' - you're obviously someone who attends to detail. ;-)
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