Record players you've owned?

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I always quite like doing 'kit lists over the years' threads, and Macnugget's speakers one got me thinking to start a turntable one in the Analogue Section. :)

Ratings are what I thought of them at the time, and are not relative to eachother.

So, with the BSR setting things off in 1978...

BSR BDS95 ** (my first stereo turntable so I was excited!)

Sansui SR222 Mk2 ***

Rega Planar 3 (R200) ****

Rega Planar 3 (RB300) ****

LP12/Basik Plus ****

Manticore Mantra/Basik Plus ****

Thorens TD166 Mk2 *

Rega Planar 2 (RB250) ****

AR EB101 **

LP12/Akito ****

Gyrodec/RB300 ***

NAS Spacedeck/OL RB250 ****

Spacedeck/Spacearm *****

Technics SL1210 **** (had 3 of these in various specs)

Pioneer PL71 *****

Thorens TD150/3009 *** (still got)

Rega P7 ** (for sale soon)

Will do a cartridge list some time - although that is a fair bit longer. :)


  • I think this is right:

    BSR something or other - early '70s
    Lenco GL69  - mid '70s
    1st Gararrd 401 - early '80s
    AR Legend - mid '80s
    2nd 401 - mid '80s
    Rega 3 - late '80s (completely rebuilt)
    1st LP12 - early '90s
    STD something or other mid '90s
    Thorens 160 - mid '90s
    2nd LP12 - mid '00s (on virtual permanent loan)
    2 off Lenco L75's - late '00s

    The 2nd 401 and one of the L75's are in regular use.  The 1st LP12 will become the donor deck for my RCM this year.

    I've also made at least two belt drive turntables from parts scavenged from other models.  I did get made a main bearing by a mate who ued to work as a toolmaker at Fords in Degenham - it would put most commercial bearings I've seen to shame.

    As with Richard I'll do cartridges later and I'll add pickup arms as well.

  • @-) What a list - respect due! We are indeed in esteemed company...I shall also start a list: Hot dinners I've had - and it won't be so long as that!
  • BSR autochanger (mid-70s)
    Thorens TD166 (iirc) (late 70s)
    Linn LP12 (early 80s Valhalla, subsequently Cirkus'd)
    DIY HiFi Supply Bix kit, in around 2003, nice idea, poor quality (the platter wobbled, which did get in the way of the music)
    Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck, bought shortly after the Bix, later Heavied and Waved.
    Kenwood KD-770D, displaced the Spacedeck and I've still got it.  Lovely thing, needing some new capacitors, though.
    Lenco GL75, still in bits, still waiting for me to do something with it.  It will have its day, though.
    Technics SL-1210, spent loads of money on it and enjoyed until I realised that I had a much better record player already, in the shape of the the old Kenwood KD-770D!
    Kenwood KD-700, nice thing but it recently moved on to a loving home as I needed the space and really didn't need so many record players
    Thorens TD124 Mk2, in a heavy sculpted plinth.  Most recent eBay purchase, showing great promise.

  • I just read I should Coco's signature on PFM, and it made me chuckle. It reads: "Digital music. Like re-assembling a cow from mince"!
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    Garrard SP25
    Rank Domus belt drive  - can't recall the model
    ADC 1500FG
    Technics SL1700
    JVC QLA7
    Ariston RD80
    Dunlop Systemdek - the original
    Logic DM101
    Home made TT built from bits of the DM101
    Thorens TD160BC
    Rega 3 - back to basics again
    Roksan Xerxes - used this for two weeks and hated it, Sent it back.
    Linn LP12/Valhalla - used this for 10 years.
    Michel Gyro/QC - loved it and wish I'd kept it
    Michell GyrOrbe - backwards move IMO
    Micro Seiki DDX1000 - blimey, good DD does work :)
    Rega P9

    On the Rega 3, I've owned 2 of them. Original with R200 and later one with RB300.
    Had two LP12s - the first lasted all through the flat earth years and the second was a more recent buy with a 774 just to revisit old times.
    Have a Lenco waiting for a plinth.
  • Let us know how and what you do with the Lenco Rob.  I've got two I've been tweaking for a year or two.

    Have you seen Lenco Heaven?

    I'm at odds with most of the builds there but the technical sections are useful for information.

    I always liked the original Dunlop Systemdek.  Now morphed into the Audio Note.  I think they bought the rights didn't they?
  • Hi Jim,

    Yes I think they did and good to see the design surviving.

    I've got Dave DSJR's old Lenco minus the plinth + a bag of spares. One of these days I'll get round to fitting an arm, probably a Rega R200 as I've got one doing nothing.
  • A Lenco and an R200 - very retro.  Should work well.
  • Ideally I like different cartridges for different vinyl.
    The AT33 is a great all-rounder but I'd like to run a Decca for mono and perhaps a nice old Supex for early stereo deep groove cuts. The only drawback with the RB1000 is the lack of removable shell and I miss that.

    Should probably have kept the Micro DDX1000 and put three arms on it 
  • One of Lencos will have at least two arms; an RB something and probably the 12" Cherry.
  • Goldring GL75

    Thorens TD150

    Linn Sondek LP12

  • First proper turntable was purchased 2nd hand with money saved up from my paper rounds - Dual CS505-2

    This was replaced when I got a Saturday job at local supermarket - (2nd hand) Rega Planer 3 (with older curved arm)

    Then upgraded to my current Gyro/RB300/QC after a long summer (9 months) working in a bar in Majorca before University ! I came back with a wad of cash I'd saved (despite being on low wages and having a great time while there) so blew it on this TT along with a hefty pile of records !

    The Gyro has served me well for around 18 years and has had about 5 MC upgrades along the way. It desperately needs a service but I've put it off as I'm forever contemplating an upgrade. I've never changed the bearing oil but I did change the belts about 10 years ago...... ! Perhaps I should treat it to some TLC soon !
  • Garrard SP25. My Dad's old one, in a massive cabinet with a crappy Sinclair Stereo 25 built in...

    Planar 3/R200/Arcam C77. Bought second hand from a bloke i the car park at Clapham Junction. I actually quite liked this (especially the arm) but had no idea what I was doing with it so the arm/cart setup was probably way off.

    Planar 3/RB300/Super Bias. The classic combo. They get a bit of a slagging, but I loved it at the time.

    Green Planar 3/RB300/Exact. Green ones always sounded better, as everyone knew. The Exact was a nice cart imo.

    LP12/Valhalla/Ittok LVII/Ortofon MC25. Was a bit underwhelmed, until transformed into...

    LP12/Valhalla/Naim Aro/Dyna DV17D2. Lovely. The Aro was a revelation. But I eventually got peed off with its 'character' and all the LP12 mumbo jumbo, so....

    P9/RB1000/Dyna TKR. Had it for seven years now. Just don't have a bad word to say about it really. It doesn't have much charisma, but it is extremely pitch stable, neutral to a fault, genuinely revealing, and loves Dynavectors.

    I've thought of moving it on to get something with more character like a 401, or perhaps an Amadeus GTA, but know I'd probably end up regretting it.

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    Old Sony DD. Not bad but a bit plasticky. Loved the strobe lighting but little else!

    Dual 505 Mk2.  Not the last word in build quality but a reasonable step up and made enjoyable sounds;

    Thorens TD280 MK2.  Great TT on a budget.  Had my first proper carts in this one, a Linn K9 and Goldring 1006 (not both at the same time, that would be silly);

    Rega Planar P25/RB600 in Rosewood finish.  Lovely deck and my first serious deck.  never got on with the Rega tone arms though.   No matter what guise they all sounded a bit grey and grainy for my tastes and I could never tame brightness despite many cart changes;

    Michell GyroSE:  Had this with a TechnoArm to start with but later changed to an SME309...for the better!  Now fitted with a Shelter 5000MC and run through and EAR834P Signature phonostage for some truly impressive sounds.  Has real authority, great timing and great dynamics.  How much of that is the cart I don't know, but that combo is a stunning one and will probably be my last. The engineering in the Gyro and SME are second to none IMHO.

    Along with the Gyro, I also have the venerable Garrard 401 in 1972 vintage in home made hardwood plinth.  Fitted this with an SME3009 mounted on a home made arm board, and have a Sonus Blue Gold high compliance MM.  Makes great music.  My project this year is to improve the plinth (read "make  a new one") and fit a better arm board.  Run this through a Gram Amp 2.
  • Hand made from my sister toy washing machine, she still hates me for that. (1969)
    Danset, (1975)
    BSR 801(1975)
    Some Panasonic thing, (1977)
    Nakamichi TT1 very rare and crap.(1978)
    Dais from Tom Fletcher number 10 (1980)
    BSR 801(2011)
    Rega ??? not tried it yet (2011)
  • Only ever had 3

    1970'S LP12 / Ittok / K9
    1990's - 2000 LP12 / Aro / DVxx2 mk2

    Presently using an Orbe / SMEv / Ort cadenza bronze
    Must say that the sme purchase has elevated this deck and has given me an itch to try a better cart at some point.
  • Technics - cant remember the model 1983'ish
    A&R 1988'ish
    Roksan Xerxes 1992'ish
    Pink Triangle 2009, sold it to fund SME, and made £900 profit
    SME 20, lasted 5 days, didn't sound as good as the Naim dac I had at the same time

    Now digital only, might buy a Rega RP1 in time.


  • In Order
    Technics SLDL1
    Linn LP12
    Technics 1210 (several pairs for djing)
    Linn Lp12
    Technics 1210 (I bought 4)
    Roksan Xerxes
  • Some, but not all:

    Garrard SP25 III
    Pioneer PL12D
    Rega not sure what
    Michell GyroDec

    But now happily 100% streaming digital madness!
  • Rega 3/RB300

    All the Pink Triangle decks apart from Tarantella.

    Manticore Mantra


    Roksan Xerxes

    FF Funk

  • There's a lot in common here isn't there? IE: crappy 70s thing>Rega>LP12>something else
  • macmac
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    In order from about 1979

    Sansui SR222 Mk2

    LP12 Rega RB200

    Roksan Xerxes  SME V

    SME 20 SME V

    SME30 SME V I still use this one

    My cartridge list

    Rega RB100

    Linn Asak

    Koetsu Red signature

    Lyra Parnassus

    Koetsu Urushi

    Koestu Jade still in use

  • I need to add a Voyd Valdi to my list. Bought a wee while back. Now sporting a stock RB250 and a 103.

    Giving the 401 some serious competition, which really surprised me :O
  • Indeed it does.

    You still undecided?
  • Not really thought about it lately. I'll never get rid of the 401 - I made that mistake once before in the late '80s.

    I have room for both so they can cohabit happily in the same system. What I need is another room to set up another system!
  • 1950's  Grundig wind up gramophone  78rpm only
    1960's  Dansette
    1970    Fidelity UA5 music centre
    1979    Technics  can't remember the model
    1979    Dual 626   then I started working in a HiFi shop and I could listen to as many turntables as I wanted and there were MANY very good ones
    1981    Thorens td 124 mk2
    1999    The reference deck at the HiFi shop and I had wanted one for years  Trio L07D

    present day, back to my trusty 124 in a Jim Campbell plinth with an Audio Technica 1503 mk3  arm and I'm eagerly waiting for delivery of a Lyra Delos cartridge.

    enjoy your music

    regards  Al
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    My journey into vinyl started in the early 1980s with:

    1. Garrard Zero 100:  Odd parallelogram tonearm but a cracking looking deck which I still have today (in a sorry state).  Sounded ok to me although not exactly leading edge or up with the best in its day;

    2.  Sony DD plastic monstrosity from the late 1980s: can't remember the model but it started, stopped and played music ok.  Shod with an AT95E

    3.  Dual CS-505II:  Not at all a bad deck and still cuts it today as a decent starter deck. Used with a Goldring 1006 from memory;

    4. Thorens TD280UK:  A big upgrade over the Dual and my first proper audiofool deck.  Capable of some impressive performance I remember the sound as reasonably dynamic if a little safe.  Tonearm was half way reasonable too.  Used with Goldring 1006;

    5.  Rega P25 anniversary in Rosewood with RB600: lovely deck.  Well made, simple and quite capable of mixing it with some serious decks.  I really liked this deck and regretted selling it in some ways.  it was a doddle to set up and left you to just enjoy the music without the need for endless fiddling.  "upgraded" with a technoweight (no difference!) and fancy platter mat.  Used with  super Elys (dull) and Sumiko BPS EvoII carts (fab).

    6.  Michell Gyro SE.  My current reference deck equipped with SME 309 Magnesium and Shelter 5000 MC cart.  Stunning sounding, quiet operation, great pitch stability.  One of the few decks that has really convinced with piano music which is a good test for pitch stability.  Have no plans to move this icon of design on.  It will remain in my system.  Authoritive sounding, dynamic but a real pain in the backside to set up.

    7.  Garrard 401 transcrition TT:  Another currently in use.  Great sounding although not the quietest in operation as the springs and idler bushes need replacing but very stable.  Used with a Hadcock GH242 full cryo arm and Shure V15 cart.  Very entertaining and another deck I wont be parting company with.
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    Garrad 301 2 off
    Technics something
    Heavy Dais
    Oxford Acoustics 
  • Garrard sp25
    Garrard 401 in home built plinth and SME (good old days of Comet in the early 70s).
    Thorens TD160 - far better sounding turntable than the 401 - removed arm and put SME on it then put the old TP16 back on when i used a Fidelity Research FR1 MK2 MC cartridge.
    Ariston RD 11 (Hamish original) - head and shoulders above the Thorens - why do you ask - the answer is mass - i put the outer platter of the Ariston (or Linn if you like) on the Thorens and hey presto they sounded virtually identical.
    Systemdek (the original) - head and shoulders over everything at the time - at last real deap controlled bass and detail.
    Systemdek IV - Best yet - had the mass of the original with the addition of a quarter inch plus layer of vinyl bonded to the metal platter.  All the bass of the original and the midrange and top end delicacy of a Pink Triangle and a superb suspension stretching the springs instead of compressing them.

    In my time have used the following arms
    SME 3009 - ok with high compliance MM cartridges and better with damper
    Mayware formula IV - great arm if you can put up with the fiddle of a unipivot and a great match with Deccas
    Audio Technica AT1100 - wonderful arm great with virtually anything but build is flimsy and so not many well used ones will make it into the long term (unless u do not keep changing arms and cartridges on it).
    Audio Technica 1010 - great high mass arm good for MC - my Decca's didn't like it much though.
    Rega RB250 - technweight modified - great arm for the money but Decca not overly happy in it (wish they would do a damping paddle arrangement at the pivot).
    Origen Live Silver MK111 - better than the Rega but hated the thread and weight bias arrangement.
    Mission 774 original - great all round arm - good with the Deccas too.

    Cartridges over the years
    Sure M75ED
    Sure V15 Mk 3
    Ortofon VMS20E
    Fidelity Research FR1 Mk 2 or was it an FR2 Mk 1?
    JVC Moving coil thingy that cost a fortune but i got it cheap - was nice cartridge 
    Ortofon MC20 Mk2 with Ortofon pre thingy (battery driven) 
    Sonus Blue 
    Decca Gold 
    Decca Gold - Garroted
    Decca Gold - Expert Stylus co. rebuild with fine line (much better than Garrot)
    Decca Export (back up to Gold)
    Decca Export rebuilt by Expert with fine line (sounds same as the Gold now)
    Decca FSS CR4E - had to buy it picked it up for £68 - yet to be rebuilt by Expert but sound is as for Decca Gold before you get it rebuilt by Expert.

    tested loads of others - from Goldring, Grado,Supex and Koetsu - but I am a Decca fan  no other cartridge has the dynamics to my ears ... you may get more detail and some sweeter top ends but you will never get the emotional impact and involvement with the music that you get with a well performing Decca.

  • Ive only had 2 but they have been enjoyable

    Technics SL 1210 MK2

    NAS Spacedeck / Heavy Upgrade Kit c/w OL RB250 arm - still in use and staying put!
  • Might get me one of these. Will have to scrimp for a while first though.
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