Hello from Holland...

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Hello everybody my name is Evert and I live in Alkmaar a city famous for its cheesemarket ;;)
My musical taste is wide. From old (mono) jazz record to a lot of stuff from the roaring 80's
And yes records is the main thing. Vinyl, vinyl and Vinyl..........

My main system
  • Thorens TD 124 with SME 3009 series II
  • Audio Technica OC-9
  • ASR mini Basis Phono Stage
  • Exposure 3010s integrated Amp
  • Sony SCD555ES
  • PMC FB1+ Transmission line loudspeakers
  • Speaker cable: Tellurium Q Black
  • Interconnects CD player and Phonostage to amp: Tellurium Q Black
  • Interconnect SME to Phono stage: Tellurium Q Phono

At the moment I'm working on a Lenco L75 with a SME IIIs arm
It needs a new plinth and I have to dismantle the motor because it's very noisy.

The Thorens TD-124 is getting better all the time. Just ordered a revision kit for the main bearing and then I think it must be perfect.



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