Hi-Fi Hunter now available for USA and Australia

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You can now make use of the Hi-Fi Hunter second hand hifi search engine to find gear in the USA and Australia now. By indexing local sites in these countries, you can now hunt down that elusive piece of kit with a single search button.

Hi-Fi Hunter USA
Hi-Fi Hunter Australia

If you have any suggestions for other sites, classifieds etc that your think should be included in the Hi-Fi Hunter index, please get in touch.


  • Nice job, Arfa - that's a really useful resource!
  • No problem. Onwards and upwards to global domination! ;-)
  • You need a white cat & a black Ikea faux leather swivel chair. Shame there isn't a website that can help find such a thing?
  • Well done Arfa.

    Soon Hi-Fi Hunter Burkina Faso? :-)
  • Yes interesting site apart from that bloody pop up very nasty.
  • The popup, appears if you land on a site that it thinks is for a different country to the one you're in. It's supposed to give you the option or switching to the site for you country, or continuing to the one for another country. If you choose the latter it will set a cookie and not present you with the option again. (If you hit the X in the corner, it doesn't set a cookie, so will potentially bug you again though).

    Brain_Dead: Did it work like this for you? Or did it repeatedly bother you?
  • Yo Arfa,  How likely (or not) that HiFiHunter might be able to host some kind of auction facility itself, given the recent eBay announcement and other issues?
  • I think I've seen an auction script somewhere, but how good it'll be, I don't know.

    It'd be pretty cool if you could put the time and resources into it, though.
  • Ebay's announcement isn't great, but doesn't surprise me...

    I don't think it would really be feasible trying to compete with another auction site, the net is already filled with classifieds sites and what not. I think the market is just too crowded and many don't even come close to the amount of traffic ebay generates. An auction relies on people pushing prices up, if there's not enough traffic to bid, prices will be too low, and punters will just start things high or use a reserve. The sheer number of classifieds sites was the main reason I setup HiFi Hunter...

    ebay is just too much of a monopoly, it's last decent competitor, QXL shut shop in 2008. I think Gumtree is all that comes close these days for volume/traffic.
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