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Hi ,I've been into music & hi-fi for years ,I like a mixed bag of music depending on my mood ,since the birth of my 1st child a very cheeky little boy in january I've been listening to a lot through my headphone rig .I've also recently started my own hi-fi accessory website with all item handcrafted by my self.



  • Welcome, Oscar

    Congratulations on your son. I'm sure we'd like to hear some more about your rig - especially the headphones.
  • my current equipment is

    puresound a30 , re-plinthed direct drive with a modded rb250 & lyra , valve phono stage feed into an mf x-can(modded) I use my cheap creative headphones at the moment as they closed back re-cabled though.

    Once my new venture takes off I hope to get some new headphones

  • Hi Oscar, and welcome! Congratulations too, on something that is genuinely more important than HiFi & music.
  • Hi Oscar, enjoy here is fun.
    Best Col

    PS watch out for the piano salesman. 
  • I thought @Alan had connected him up to that big PSU he's building...
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