Inca Tech Claymore Mods and Repair Thread



  • Fried? You sure?
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    Hope this works, found a real photograph, you know, the glossy paper ones, of my original Claymore, purchased errrrrrrm, a while ago! I believe it was early on for an ISS6.
    My new turntable was on order (Mantra).


  • Oh well :(

    Dave, how to post pics here via mobile?
  • I'm not sure how it works from Imgur. It doesn't seem to offer a usable URL, so I'll have to look into it.
  • I don't know if you can do this on mobile but I right-clicked on the image and copied it. Then I clicked on the picture icon above and pasted in the photo.
  • Just posted that from my iPhone. BUT I had to click the “full site” option at the bottom of the page before hand to gain access to the image icon (it’s not present on the “mobile view” default format).
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    I have the image icon via android but it doesn't work. Pop the image url in the box disappears.
    Haven't tried full have, still have disappearing url box.
    I have posted pics in the past from a PC but never succeeded from android.

    It's a mysthterwee, oh it's a mysthterwee, a shot in the dark.....
  • Chews is nothing if not mercurial.
    On my iPhone the image posting works only if I press the “Go” button on the pop-up keyboard, and not the “Done” button. Can’t remember there being another situation where there’s a functional difference between those two.
  • Oh poop! 
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