New releases / Re-releases that you should know about!

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A thread for anyone to let us know what we may be missing!

I'll start with one I am excited about:


Leo Sacks mentioned this in an interview he did about his work on Aretha Franklin's material - he compiles loads of the box sets for Sony legacy.

"RR: Any new projects you’d like to mention?

LS: I just finished compiling and producing The Complete Sussex &
Columbia Masters for Bill Withers. That’s one for the ages."
There is a lot of cool stuff way. way out of print that should be on there. 9 CDs worth, released in late october. Amazon link here.


  •  Another one, a bit steep for a single CD, but of interest to some on Chews! ;)  Amazon link.

    Just another best what? It's remastered by Steve Hoffman, who has done some pretty spectacular work with old recordings (if you don't know it already, check out Buddy Holly - From the original master tapes.)

    You simply will not believe it was recorded 55 years ago - it is stunning. If the Bob Dylan is as good as this...
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