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Latest NEWS just published.  This weeks topic is "are vinyl and CD formats dead?"

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  • Nice article Paul. :)

    I think CD will be somewhat the loser of all formats, save for the wax cylinder which Col still favours (he makes his own wax, you know!), but it's unlikely to disappear altogether. I suspect it may come to be viewed (as it truthfully is) simply as delivery mechanism for music files, as it is a robust physical container.

    Vinyl, on the other hand, is becoming ever more popular (and not just among audiophiles), but there will be little nostalgia attached to CD. Downloads will reign as king, but not in a utopian world of studio masters for a few pence as we had hoped! For the music loving audiophile (read 'weirdo') there will still be little quality compared to the entire market.

    But as you say, I doubt many (any?) could hear the difference between a decent redbook master or a 24/96 master - a decent CD master (especially if ripped to HDD first) will trounce a slightly pedestrian 24/96 download.
  • Yes my own wax like Shrek candles hehe
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    Thanks for the comments Alan.  I'm with you on your conclusions.  I think that CD will slowly die a death.  Vinyl tends to be considered as a living breathing thing to be cherished and looked after (which it does) whereas CD is a format that whilst convenient may not endure especially if computer CDR/DVD drives change (as its they that determine how long CDPs will live on for I suspect).

    I'm also with Col in that I have several old suitcases FULL of wax cylinders (and hand written lyrics to such past masterpieces as "my old man's a dustman") :D

    These were originally bought for the Edison Standard Phonograph that we have sat atop a cupboard, an inheritance dating to 1904.  Must see if I can get it working!
  • I was in Lyme Regis today buying old books. He had a HMV horn 78 player and the music was the Ink Spots, lovely my great aunt and I listened to that in her garden when I was 10yrs old, lovely memories.

  • Fabulous to find that particular 78 and the machine it was being played on!  I think I know that shop Col, was in it quite a while back during a visit to LR.

    The new Reference Pluto gets quite a review!
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