NVA SSP/Mark Grant

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I know you chaps are very familiar with SSP but I have only just managed to get ahold of a pair, so I thought I might as well post.

I have had the pleasure of using a pair of MG Oyaide FTVS-510 pure silver stereo cable fitted with WBT 0110 Ag a truly superb cable, one I would highly recommend. I have also used the Mark Grant G1500HD Precision audio cable - Neutrik - and found them to be blisteringly good particularly starting at £65! You really can't go wrong.

The MG silver interconnects to me are very open, detailed and give a very full and weighty sound, not fat and heavy but very well balanced, a very open presentation and very impressive. The MG Silver interconnects don't belong to me and I had to get them back to where they belong, but before I did I wanted to compare them to a pair of NVA SSP Neutrik, as I have had my eye on these for some time.

I must add at this point that I run a bi-amped system. The interconnects leading to my tweeters were MG G1000HD at all times. The cables that were changing were leading to my bass and mid drivers only, so please bear this in mind.

I popped in the SSP's and the first thing I noticed was an even wider and more dynamic presentation. Strings that were plucked, drums that were hit or voices that were sung stood out more, there was seemingly clearer definition between other voices/instruments and the SSP's were slightly more tonally accurate. I love the mid band texture and realism. To me the SSP's are very NVA, they get out the way and the music is presented 'live' before you; really fruity and full of texture and realism.
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