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Please can I have people's top 3 or so albums. I need to put together a birthday wish list quick smart for my bday in a week or so for my wife, mum and aunt.
No crazy jazz (dave), metal, punk or weird stuff. Otherwise, anything considered.
Thanks in advance for any musical gems...! :-)


  • Hmm..what mood am in today?

    Sinatra & Basie - Live at the Sands

    Ray Lamontagne - Trouble

    Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
  • whaddayamean crazy jazz????? 
  • I mean it as a compound noun ie "crazy-jazz" to describe the particular brand of atonal and arhythmic jazz to which someone of more...
    ...exotic tastes may listen, and not "crazy" as an adjective for jazz generally - which has plenty of good bits. :-)
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    Sound of digging? :-) 
  • Ray Lamontagne - 'Til the sun turns black

    Eric Bibb - Live at FIP

    Oli Brown - Heads I Win Tails You Loose.

    Not all time favourites but seemingly on repeat at the moment.
  • Thanks for the info' guys. I will follow up the leads.
    Dave, I do need a new shovel actually, so may be my mum could wrap one... ;-)
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    How about:

    1) Lee Scratch Perry - Arkology

    2) Fela Kuti - almost anything from the 70s, such as:
    Na Poi Barclay Records
    1972 Open & Close Barclay Records
    1972 Shakara Barclay Records
    1972 Roforofo Fight Barclay Records
    1973 Afrodisiac Barclay Records
    1973 Gentleman Barclay Records
    1974 Alagbon Close Barclay Records
    1975 Noise for Vendor Mouth Barclay Records
    1975 Confusion Barclay Records
    1975 Everything Scatter Barclay Records
    1975 He Miss Road Barclay Records
    1975 Expensive Shit Barclay Records
    1976 No Bread EMI Nigeria
    1976 Kalakuta Show Barclay Records
    1976 Upside Down Barclay Records
    1976 Ikoyi Blindness Barclay Records
    1976 Before I Jump Like Monkey Give Me Banana Barclay Records
    1976 Excuse O Barclay Records
    1977 Zombie Barclay Records
    1976 Yellow Fever Barclay Records
    1977 Opposite People Barclay Records
    1977 Fear Not For Man Barclay Records
    1977 Stalemate Barclay Records
    1977 Observation No Crime EMI Nigeria
    1977 Johnny Just Drop (J.J.D Live!! at Kalakuta Republic) Barclay Records
    1977 I Go Shout Plenty EMI Nigeria
    1977 No Agreement Barclay Records
    1977 Sorrow, Tears, and Blood Barclay Records
    1978 Shuffering and Shmiling
    All worth having, and were available as reasonably priced single CDs containing two albums.

    3) Little Feat - The Last Record Album

    Why these?

    a) They're not crazy jazz
    b) I think you should like them if you don't have already
    c) The first is the real start of the producer as a creative force, rather than a supporter of the band/artist, so it's an influence on electronica/remix culture/hip-hop etc
    d) The second and third are seriously funky. Brilliant playing
    e) They're all from the 70s, so they show my age ;-) Although I didn't listen to Fela back then

    Sorry the formatting has gone wonky. Life's too short to sort it!
  • Good work fellas.
    Many thanks.
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