You don't get this with digital...

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A friend of mine recently spotted on a US vinyl website that a limited edition coloured vinyl version of my favourite album was about to be re-released.
Being a kind soul, he ordered a copy for me and has just sent me this picture...
I'm so excited...!


  • No, you don't. I am quite jealous! :)
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    I tried using a very fine blue permanent marker pen to colour-in individual electrons* that make up my digital version of the album, but I didn't get much further than the second track.

    * I suspect that this may give away my lack of understanding of how digital storage works, a bit...
  • You have to use Coloured "GlueOn"
  • Ah. That'll be it.
    I stand corrected. :-)
  • That's one of the things I love about vinyl;  some of the covers are fabulous artwork in their own right.  The picture discs never sounded that good IMHO as they contained more pops and crackles, something to do with the additives for the colouring process.  That may have well been sorted these days though!  Must admit, my wallet took a hammering at Whittlebury as I joined the throng at the vinyl sales stalls...if it wasn't for the intervention of a few friends, I'd now be destitute  8-}
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