Cash in the attic

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Now that I've ripped my CDs, and double backed up the rips (so that's 3 copies), is there a good reason not to sell them?


  • Did I spell attic correctly?
  • No good reason at all which is why you should now give your entire worthless CD trinkets to me and I'll do you a favour and recycle them into my music collection (aren't I good to you?).  Attic spelt correctly ;)
  • My goodness Paul, you mean I don't have to pay you for that service...?
    You sir, are s saint.
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    I'm sitting on the similar assets myself. The restraint here is the license, the right to own and play the music. That is to say the physical disc is the license in this case.

    So long as you own the CD you have the right to the music on it, ie you own it. Oddly, it is technically illegal to rip your own CDs even for personal consumption, as this is defined in law as format shifting and counts as copyright infringement. The law concerning this exact point is under review at the moment following the Hargreaves report last year, as it is obviously out of step with reality. It was actually 'illegal' all along to copy a CD to a cassette for the car all this time!

    In the real world you can make as many copies of music you have bought as you like, but the minute you sell the disc you no longer have the legal right to that music and legally should destroy your copies. In fact if you don't it becomes piracy, as your copies are illegally held. The license to play the recording, record copies or whatever is the actual, physical disc in the case of CDs, as far as I understand it.

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  • I reddit somewhere else. On the internet. So it must be true.
  • Mr B is right. The way I read it.
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