Ryoichi Sakamoto, David Sylvian, and maybe Keith Jarrett

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I heard a very beautiful piece by Ryoichi Sakamoto today, the title track from his soundtrack to the film 'merry christmas, mr Lawrence', on an album called '1996'. It was quite lovely, with an oriental theme which put me in mind of Keith Jarretts performance in Koln.

I checked the radioparadise discussion boards, and it seems it is adapted from a piece by David Sylvian called 'forbidden colors', no mention of KJ.

I wondered if anyone has any recomendations to make in the same vein as these pieces? I am not familiar with David Sylvian, but I now feel I ought to be.


  • Sakamoto and Sylvian (sounds like a firm of solicitors?) have collaborated quite a bit over the years. Have a look on Spotify, I'd say. There's no connection with Jarrett as far as I'm aware.
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