I'm not into country music but...

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Firstly can I clarify that I am not into country music.

...there are a couple of "country" musicians that I do enjoy. I figure (notice the country patois there) that as country music is so big in America that some great musicians must have been raised within the genre. (Post facto justification or what...?)
Johnny Cash obviously. Not all is stuff, OK, but the Folsom Prison era is quality.
But also there's one guy, Tom Russell that I like. His album 'Love and Fear' I find especially...haunting...? Bloody well recorded and produced as well (note hifi link there). There's some of country's corny honesty about life and love, but hey-ho. All in all a great album that continues to grow on me. There's a great song about a mexican being electrocuted on a pylon cable. Bizarre, but brilliant.


  • I shall have a look on Spotti just to check your sanity :-)
  • I love blues, and folk, and therefore bluegrass and Americana (Ryan Adams, Gillian Welch, Neil Young, Ray Lamontagne and others), so I walk a fine line sometimes.

    An absolute fave artist is Lyle Lovett, who crosses over most styles with panache and occasionally even out and out country. Try Joshua Judges Ruth, or Pontiac, or Lyle Lovett and his Large Band, Live in Texas (now that is FUN!)
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