Video: Mahavishnu Orchestra

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    Good stuff this, John mc great guitarist, can be heavy going for some I would think. Always reminds me abit of collosseum Chris
  • Oh yes - I might have to get out 'Birds of Fire' this evening, which I think was the best of the three albums I have . Nice to see Billy Cobham at work there. I'd also forgotten that Jan Hammer was part of the band - explains why Jeff Beck had such high regard for him and got him into his band later in the 70's/80's .

  • I wanted Johnny Mac's twin neck guitar. Back in my teens, he seemed the coolest thing on earth in his white Indian suit and that guitar.

    His work on Miles' Tribute to Jack Johnson remains some of my favourite electric guitar full stop. There's this story that Miles said to him 'forget everything you know about playing the guitar and just play'.
  • I don't have that album but I do know that it was in the rehearsals for 'In a Silent Way' that Miles Davis said something close to "play it like you don't know how to play the ( f-ing ? ) guitar " according to John in an interview . You can hear how he plays really slowly and tentatively towards the beginning of that record .
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    That's interesting, I've heard it attributed to both sessions and even Bitches Brew, but rationalised it was Jack Johnson as that's the most off-the-wall playing, to my ears.

    But if the man himself said it was Silent Way, then a small mystery has been cleared up.
  • I'm pretty certain it was 'In a Silent Way' because it was the first time McLaughlin had played with Miles Davis . He was uncertain what to do on the first studio session, and not getting much help from Miles until he came over and gave the above quote. I remember he imitated Miles's hoarse voice delivered like a loud whisper.
    I'm wondering where I saw it, but it must have been a TV documentary on BBC4 most likely - but a while back .

    'Birds of Fire' is ready to play ...
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