Moos Audio. HiFi sorted!

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This is listed under 'Systems', as that is what it is. The whole shebang, without fuss. If I were to start again, it may be this approach, it is just so neat and clean, and promises real performance (on paper, at least).

Moos Audio

(Check the technology page)



  • Alan, you have shown us the future...

    (Presumably they are wired for power...?)
  • Wired for sound?

    I've seen the future and it's in 70s colours :-D
  • Yellow is the new black! :D

    Over on AVI forum, the owner has had an excellent 'discussion' with the boys at AVI. Makes me want the Moos even more!
  • But are they 100% moo?
  • Yeah, I heard they were part owned by equine audio - wouldnt want to be saddled with that, in my unbridled enthusiasm. You know me, once I get the bit between my teeth...
  • Hypex amps and Scan-speak drivers....certainly not skimping on component part quality.  I wonder how much of a selling point the wireless is?  

    They offer a lot of technology for the money.  It would be great to see a floor standing version.
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