Hello, from the Netherlands

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Hello everyone,

My name is Michael, 22 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. Been reading a lot of discussions here, but actually never interacted.. yet.
I'm studying 'Media & Culture' in Amsterdam and love movies, sports and of course.. music!
Most of the time I listen to some female vocalists, jazzy or soulfully tunes.

Currently I'm converting my surround set to a stereo set because of several reasons.
The new set will have three functions:
- play some quality music from my Mac myself
- letting everyone play music easily through Squeezebox
- watch some movies now and then in stereo sound

My surround set consisted of:
- Denon 3310 AVR
- XTZ 99.26 fronts and center
- Monitor Audio RXFX surrounds
- XTZ 12" sub
- Dune Smart B1
- Sony projector

I'm planning to:
- replace the denon avr with a stereo amp
- sell the surrounds and center speakers
- buy a usb dac (done, M2Tech Young)
- buy a squeezebox for easy streaming

I actually do have some questions regarding those plans, so I'll start a discussion in the digital section of this forum.
Anyway... just wanted to introduce myself and say hi!


  • Halo!
    Great to have you join in.
    I'll have to look into XTZ. I know nothing of them.
    As always, a Dutchman manages to use English well enough to embarrassess we natives. Tho' I am welsh, so may be I have an excuse...
    Nos da.
  • Thanks for the welcome :)
    I'm actually quite happy with the XTZ brand. It blew the Monitor Audio RX serie away, when I compared them!
    I've updated my starting post with a link to my other discussion. Hoping for some helping feedback.
    I'll be interacting at this board as much as I can. Maybe finding some more dutchies!
  • Welcome to Audiochews Michael. XTZ make some great speakers - superb value for money given the performance they offer.
  • Hi Michael, great to hear you decided to get stuck in! I lie the sound of your plans, and hope you get some useful advice here. Failing that, a laugh should be attainable!
  • Hi Michael. Make yourself at home.
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