More Music To Sample

'Sup people!

Here is a playlist on Grooveshark of some tracks suggested by a bunch of speaker builders on the Parts-Express forum. They are suggested as speaker test tracks, but they are just a nice selection of mostly interesting and well-recorded songs.

I didn't have to install anything to play them.

I play them while working, and scribble down the CDs I want to investigate later. - Enjoy!


  • Shall try that soon baas
  • JimJim
    edited February 2012
    Linky no worky!

    BUT if you follow the second link and clink the link in the thread then linky do worky :)
  • Fix'td!

    Thanks Big Jim, I was sure it worked earlier..
  • Grooveshark have some weird doobrie that breaks links from outside - I have copied the tracks into a playlist of my own.

    If the linky still no worky then just follow the second one through the Parts Express Forum. Aright?
  • Good. Will take a proper look later! :-)
  • Very complicated for a bear of little brain ;;)
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