Good to see you at Scalford

Just a quick note to say how nice it was to meet so many of you at Scalford.  Really glad you introduced yourselves.  

tbh I was a bit spaced after a late night Saturday, then bed-wrangling for an hr on Sunday morning to try to make space is a rather diminutive room for our modest hifi.  I've not exhibited before and was surprised just how knackering it was, but a good time was had by all and a big thanks to my helper Mark (PandaPopcorn - I mean really what sort of name is that!?!).  Here's hoping for the sun next year.


  • Glad you had a great time Andy  were you happy with the sound you got?
  • Not quite as happy as I'd hoped, it was a struggle.  The room was kind of tiny, i think it was a single bed room, and it was difficult to get the speakers right to control the bass.  There was a bass node which was awful at some places in the room.  In the end we crossed the speakers over so that they presented about 1 yd in front of our 3 chairs ... normally I'd have them much more straight forward. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast, and it certainly was an experience, me never having done something like this before.
  • Hi Andy

    it was nice to meet you, thought your system sounded great

  • Hi Lee. Ta for that.  I struggle with the forum way of doing things, so for me, I really appreciate meeting you and finding the human on the end of tinternet.
    See you again.
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