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Hey all,

I've been playing around with this to try and correct some of my room issues. 

I'm using the equaliser plug in to increase bass but the output distorts badly. Can someone post some screen shots for the settings they use? Is there a particular output setting that balances everything nicely?

To get a screen grab on a Mac use shift, cmd and 4.

I've tried using Hi-Jack with iTunes

Much appreciated.


  • Sounds like either your amp can't provide the power or your speakers don't like the extra cone excursion.  Rather than increase the bass you could try reducing the rest.  For example if you upped the bass end by 6dB below 80Hz put that back to 0dB and reduce everything above 80Hz by 6dB.  It amounts to the same thing but you won't be driving as much power at low frequencies into the bass units.

    Further, when using an equaliser it's never a good idea to increase a frequency or range by more than 6 or so dB.  If the system needs that kind of Eq then change the equipment - usually the power amp or speakers.  Reducing dB is much less of an issue but lots of Eq needed indicates a problem with kit or room that is very difficult to Eq out.
  • I guess you have tried moving the speakers they could be inA position where the bass is being cancelled.
  • I've moved as much as possible. I do have bass suck out somewhere. I'm planning on moving the room around late summer which will give me more options with speaker location. A carpet will also help....
  • I've used Audio Hijack Pro a lot, and as Jim says, don't add more than 6dB. (Jim has given me lots of great pointers, so please give what he says a go).

    Have you tried increasing and decreasing the width of the bell curve? A gentle lift across a wider frequency range has worked in my room. At the moment, I'm not using Audio HiJack Pro as I'm getting used to the system with the TQ Ultra Black cable. I did try to make some changes, but I found I just wasn't familiar enough with the nuances of the sound to be sure what was going on.
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