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Without the hifi for a few days due to the power amp developing a hiccup.  You don't miss it until it's gone!  I have to say that its the first time I've had to do nothing in a situation like this....I passed on a message to Glen about a few fuses blowing, and before I knew it I had a courier company knocking on the door saying "where is it then?". Glen had ordered (and paid for) a courier, has diagnosed the issue (a faulty relay so just one of those things) and will have it repaired and sent back in a few days.  Now that's service.  Meantime, its the 'phones and a DAP thingymajig.


  • Paul I have an inca tech integrated lying dormant in the loft if you want to borrow it as a stop gap...

  • That's very kind Ben but it looks as though I'll be in and out of hospital over the next few days and hopefully the amp will be back with me next week. I must come over sometime soon and listen to your system though!
  • Would be great to see you.
    Hope all goes well with the hospital stuff. :-)
  • Great service as always from Glenn. A couple of years ago I had a Micro 25 pre on order from him and due to supply issues with the casework he couldn't fulfil my order for a number of weeks.  He contacted me regularly to update me on progress and sounded distraught at not being able to mee the lead time quoted by the dealer.  It's a shame there aren't more people offering the same level of service as Glenn and yourself Paul.
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    Thanks for the vote of confidence Brumjam, that was very kind.  Glen's a great guy and when purchasing any hifi these days I do think that excellent rather than good customer service plus security and reliability of parts and servicing in the future is essential to customer confidence, not only that, its the right thing to do.  Glen ticks all the right boxes here.  He's one of the handful of really genuine hifi designer/manufacturers within the UK concerned with high standards of after sales service.
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    I hope the hospital goes well, Paul.

    That's the important stuff (says the man who set up a hi-fi forum :-) ).
  • Thanks Dave.  Just a few pre-op consultations.  The ops will be spaced out between now and December...they're going to make me bionic!
  • You will be...

    The Terminator

    (of wires)

  • Good luck!
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