Posting Pictures on Chews:

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As requested, a rough guide...

First, host your images on a site like Photobucket or Flikr. Next, in the thread where you want to post your picture: Using the text editor locate the fourth icon in from the top right - the picture icon:


You now need the 'direct' link from the photo hosting site:


Either under the picture here (2nd link under each picture), or:


Here - again it is the second link. In either case, copy this, and paste it into your text box, which the 'picture' icon on AudioChews opened for you:

Be sure to delete the 'http://' already in the box, as the link you have just copied already has this. If you leave it, the picture will not display properly. When you click 'submit', this will hopefully happen:

Just a final note: If you are starting a new thread, the 'picture' icon is the 9th button in from the top right, including greyed out icons.

Please let me know if this guide works - or otherwise - for you, and I'll try to improve it where needed. This is my first attempt at 'How-to' article with screenshots...


  • Thanks Alan. Looks good and puts me to shame by actually getting the guide published.
  • Alan,  thats pretty good and looks like what i am doing to be honest - im baffled to just why the pic does not appear BUT seeing as you have gone to the trouble to post this guide i will persevere for a while.


    Thanks,  Dave

    P.S. Just one thing should the picture become visible when clicking submit in small box or when clicking post comment in larger box ?

  • Thanks, Dave. The image should appear as soon as you hit 'submit'.

    What web browser are you using, out of interest? I wonder if there might be a security setting interfering with what you're trying to do.
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    ...for Mr. Brown...!
  • At last...

    The foolproof way to post from Photobucket.

    Copy the HTML code that you find towards the right hand side of the PB page with the pic you want to post - don't use the E-mail & IM, Direct Link or IMG code.

    Come back to your post on Chews and click the HTML button - it's the last one above the editing panel, marked <> - and paste the HTML code in place. Click the <> button again and you should see your pic.

    I hope this finally solves the problems Photobucket users have been having.
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