Piano recommedations from Colin Wonfor - Piano lover!

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    Very purrdy! Nice find Col - thanks. :)  You liking the ol' Joanna now?

    My kids love these guys:

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    Now - unfortunately (for everyone) I am a dunce, and in splitting this thread I accidentally deleted Colin's opening post, in which he kindly recommended a very fine piece of Piano music - namely this one:

  • Me recommend piano never, somebody has hacked my log in.
    This is the level of piano I enjoy.
    An amazing young man.
  • Colin, I have some GREAT news for you!

    I bought (in error
    =))) a large collection of classical piano on LP, most on the best labels and VG+ to NM including some rare and highly collectable performances.  This could be the end of your search for the ultimate piano collection  :))

    I cannot bear to keep them as my wife now laughs every time "piano" is mentioned.  My neighbours on each side both play piano and both have large and very loud pianos (one neighbour is a piano teacher).  I'm surrounded on all sides
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    Are they Mrs. Mills? :((

    Quality music like this fantastic.

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