iTunes 11 is out

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At least for the Mac.

I'm just downloading it now.


  • It has a much simpler UI, and no extra format support - eg it doesn't see FLAC files, but that's no surprise.
  • Can I ask you a couple of things? - My MAC runs headlessly and it's a faff to connect everything up....also, I haven't updated anything for 6 months at least, so I want to be sure before I start downloading stuff from Apple again.
    • Does it work properly with Audirvana+, when integrated?
    • Does it work with the Remote app for iPhone & iTouch?

    Thanks in advance,

    Lazy Al.

  • Dear Lazy Al,

    Yes and yes.

  • Thanks James!

    A bit of reading around confirmed this, as you have too - I shall update iTunes & Remote forthwith!
  • What they said!
  • All works fine with Audirvana+ & Remote app, though the old app - I can't upgrade my old 2nd generation device. The old app works fine with new iTunes though.
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    Right. Now you guys have got it all working, I can safely install it on my White MacBook :-D
  • I like the new interface with the drop-down track listings. Very pretty.
  • I asked on fm if iTunes was finally a more compact, leaner program, as it has been getting bigger with each release. It isn't apparently, I thought I'd share the answer I received as it made I larf.

    "It's 30% bigger.

    Somebody needs to be taken out and given a good kicking for this. This
    is awful. Martin and Marcus are next for being smug. And I don't like
    the look of that bloke over there.

    You used to be able to manipulate the data like a spreadsheet, sort and
    organise it as you liked. Now we have a dumbed down pretty pretty ipad

    I had Einstein and they gave me Marilyn. Looks better, functionally less rich.

    People should be... ...hurt... ...mangled.... ...hostages taken..."
  • Actually, it seems fine. Don't know why I bothered 'upgrading' though, it's just the same from my POV.
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    I hadn't noticed the sorting problems. I must say, I generally just search for an artist or album, or scroll down to find something at random.

    I'm currently copying my new Bliss-friendly files across to the NAS, so I'm playing just the albums that have arrived. Once I have it all in place and iTunes seeing it, I'll attempt to install Bliss on the NAS.
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