Re-discovering The Wall

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Was lucky enough a short while ago to find a mint 1st edition pressing of Pink Floyd's The Wall going for flea market money, so naturally it would have been rude not to buy it.

What I can't remember from first listening to this album was just how well mastered it is (perhaps the re-releases weren't great?).  Huge dynamic swings and some cracking tracks which need the volume turned to "air guitar" levels >:)

I think that it's never sounded so vivid, and almost live like (volume included) through the "little" 15watt EAR amp driving the Fidelio speakers.  Some room shaking bass in certain places!

Great stuff.  Anyone else have a favourite Floyd album and what was the most memorable system you heard it on?


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    Hi Paul,

    There was a few different pressing of "The Wall" The Japaneses version was crap the UK was OK but I found the German version was the best. What version is yours ?

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    Hi Col

    mine is a 1979 Harvest label pressing from Holland.  I had several versions of the Wall, but this is by far the best I've heard.  Haven't heard the German version yet though

    Edit:  just did a little research.  The 4  "must have " copies seem to be the 1st edition German pressing,1st edition Holland pressing, 1st edition UK pressing and the Japanese pressing, all on Harvest.  The Japanese one was meant to have some of the best dynamic range, the Holland and German pressings, the best overall sound quality.  Prices for all of these seem to be frighteningly on the up!
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