The last desperate fart of a dying corpse?


  • he's got a cheek , one of my old friends just dropped many hundreds of pounds an a couple of box sets from radio head and mr Yorke , what does he want , £100 for every time we say his name ?? ,,maybe he might want to swap lifestyles with someone on minimum wage for a few months then he can comment  , 
  • Matt, i too had a surprisingly violent initial reaction to Mr. York's piece... "Get a real job! You expect me to pay you for having a hobby?"
    Totally irrational i know, and not an opinion i stand by, but it was my initial reaction nevertheless.
  • a fair reaction at that , i do have a solution to all the piracy and streaming complaints from all artists , get rid of digital , ban it , make illegal offence to be in possession of digital music or stream it in any form !
     kidding! :))
  • And I was just starting to get really upset :-O
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