The headphone socket on my iMac died

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So I replaced it with this stuff:



  • That's your old DAC & PS, isn't it? I don't recognise the little black box though.

    Were you using headphones then, or simply feeding your amps from the iMac output?
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    This is my office system at work, as opposed to home office system (see updated signature file).

    I was just plugging the headphones into the iMac, but with the headphone socket gone, I could only get digital out. So I brought my KingRex DAC and PSU in and bought a portable headphone amp (the little black box) for £20.99 online.

    I may get something more hi-fi later, but the cheapo headphones don't merit anything better. They're light and comfortable, which are the main priorities for me when I wear them all day.
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