Ben system in Hi-fi Pig

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Nice write up Ben.
I will read it later when I have completed this new A Class PCB.

Good one.


  • Thanks Col. ;-)

    This bit was for you and Dave... ;-)
    "I own a lot of vinyl and a rather pleasing
    direct drive turntable, a Pioneer PL-71 armed with a Decca Super Gold
    cartridge. Via an NVA Phono 2 the sound is pleasing. Almost as good as good
    digital in fact."

    I notice the end of the article has disappeared off the end of the page. :-D
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    Importantly, thanks to Suzy6toes here for helping me whip my vague thoughts into intelligable words.

    EDIT: Actually "helping" is an understatement. That sentence should read "Importantly, thanks to Suzy6toes here for whipping my vague thoughts into intelligable words." :-)
  • Set up looking mighty fine there, Doc!

    Suggestions for the end of the final sentence please......
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    "So, I am very happy with my hifi system, but...I am frustrated by my constipation and the rest of the hopelessness of my existance."
  • "So, I am very happy with my hifi system, need to find a way to cover the extortionate electricity bill."  ???
  • I read the review at the service station (it was scrawled on the WC walls...NOT REALLY!). I thought it was most erudite Ben, and know we know why!

    Perhaps Pig edited the last part because the public just aren't ready for undiluted Ben...

    On the subject of the system, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it mate, I thought it (the article and the system) reflected you very nicely. Thanks for sharing. :)
  • Aw shucks Alan. Thanks.
    I meant every word about the 'chews guys! :-)
    (Sovereign should be here presently to chuck about some (faux) complaints about "too much man love"... ;-) )
  • Is he bringing a A Class?

    Watch out for the new one coming soon at 30W/ch a winters day amp, and BBQ for Mr Brown and family he he see you all soon and thanks for all the lovely support you have all been so kind.THANK YOU

    Oh Ben it ended strange "but I am" I looked for more word but could not find them. Is the false stop missing I have asked Linette also.
  • Great write up Ben, well done for keeping your clothes on ;-)
    I always like reading about genuine Hifi hobbyists with their genuine systems, rather than bland people with hifi's costing more than a house.
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