Jpw Ap3's

Has anybody tried or heard  Jpw ap3's are they any good?


  • Hi.
    No. But I do own a pair of JPW AP1s which I refoamed last year. Very decent sounding speakers. Essentially a natural and authentic presentation.
    No more comprimised than their size would dictate. I like them, though my Goodmans are firm favourites. They JPWs are on loan to a friend at the moment.
  • Have you compared them to anything?
  • Tbh, nothing similar in terms of standmounts. I've owned mainly larger speakers of late, which inevitably have a larger sound and more bass. I do own a pair of Spirit Absolute Zero mini monitors. A very different presentation. I prefer the AP1s - they are more neutral.
    Of the speakers I've owned in the last 10 years, the JPWs are probably closest to a pair of Dynaudio Audience 62, in so far as both sound clean, neutral and open. Uncluttered and fresh, but not bright. A good balance of air and body. The AP1s are smaller sounding than what I'm used to, but as I say that's unavoidable given their driver size and overall dimensions.
    I was given the AP1s, but wouldn't part with them for less than £100.
  • I was given the AP1s, but wouldn't part with them for less than £100.
    I offer you five of your English pounds, a straightened paper clip and three strips of Juicy Fruit.
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