Off to see my all time favorite band, Cymande, tonight.
Definitely more of a pilgrimage feel to the day than gig feel.
Super excited. :)
(And thanks to Dave for pointing this one out.)


  • Have a good time, mate.
  • Cheers. :-)
  • Have a great time you missed the Pizza here so Alan and I woofed it down mmm yummy.
    Talked about, ok boring, A Class Amps. See I said it was boring.
    Have a great time Ben see you soon.
  • Hope you enjoyed it, Ben. Shame we missed each other in That London!

  • Yep. A good visit.
    No pizza in saff London tho...!
    Hope you boys behaved yourselves. ;)
  • Good gig?
  • Good gig?
    Certainly for me. Really moving to see my number 1 musical heroes on stage.
    I was in tears when they came on (already playing "The Message" as they emerged from off stage).
    Band played well overall. There was a clear difference in performance between various members. Whether this was due to ability levels, or that some have kept in their hand in better than others I don't know. One of the sax players (who looked about 100 years old) appeared to be being coached through the gig by the player on either side of him. :-) I must say one of the sax players (the one who also plays the flute) is amazing. Such a beautiful solos. Sam Kelly on drums is always solid as rock. Steve Scipio on bass - one of my idols who I haven't seen before was a joy to behold.
    The sound was the only main disappointment. The mix was terrible. Bass drum and bass was way to high, and the overall tonal balance was too bassy. Vocals were hard to pick out and the horns were too low. This was not a fault of the venue as the support act, Osibisa sounded amazing.
    They did a mix of old and new stuff. Obviously I only wanted to commune with early Cymande, so I wasn't as emotionally engaged with the newer stuff, but it wasn't terrible as I may have feared.
    So yes. Well worth the trip. :)
    Thank you for asking.
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