Well, my son finally realised MY dream to have a scalextric set for his ....ahem.....5th birthday today   :))

Does that make me a bad dad or him a lucky boy?


  • Fantastic toy, just a pain replacing the brushes
  • Fantastic I still have mine.
  • I used to have one, when I were a nipper.
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    Mine is 48 yrs old and still working and a train set by Hornby it in my mums loft Dave so no good nicking it from here he he  :D
  • Well, after a day's racing with a 5 yr old who beat me with disgusting ease ( =)) ) we've already decided that perhaps 10ft of track isn't enough.  Will be on the lookout for some  1/32nd track soon!

    Great to resurrect toys like this as it keeps the kids off the computers...I hate seeing youngsters glued to computer screens...not healthy an any way, shape or form IMHO. 
  • Superman outfit next Paul? ;)
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    @anticrap But all I have to do is figure out where your mum lives  >:)
  • There's no chance of my nipper confusing me with Superman Mark  :-j
  • Good job Paul. Please post the ongoing results of each Grand Prix you undertake with the little fella!
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    A proper toy and hours of fun :D

    My brothers and I grew up with Scalextric (and Lego). Our parents gifted the first set and we added to it over the years. By the end of our childhood, once set up the track covered the entire floor of the spare room, twists, turns, bridges etc. I think my eldest bruv (custodian of said set) gave it away to a family he knew yonks ago.

    A new car was always the most exciting addition. Off the top of my head we a Brabham in Martini colours, Porsche 911, Ford Escort, a couple more F1s and saloons. Remember the first ones with working headlights, fab.
  • Not Superman then, how about Meccano Electronic?
  • Totally agree about kids and excessive screen time Paul. I've got a firewall schedule setup on our router that removes wifi access for large parts of the day - to say I'm not very popular is an understatement >:)

    All I hear from son is 'everyone else spends ages on their why can't I? Will become more of a challenge during winter months so I need to find more indoor activities for them.
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