Cable design you can do.

First you will need to read this page, do not worry will will then put a XL file up that will do all the hard number crunching.

I had fair results for the designs I did for TQ so there is no reason you can't.
We will describe all the TQ design one at a time and the compromise that need to be taken the material etc.

So let's see who is interested hands up. 

Also read this and try it.


  • Both hands up :((
  • I need to read those pages...
    Do I also need to understand them?
  • There may be a lot of symbols that look like squiggles Ben but the basics are pretty straightforwards behind the maths.  Materials, geometry and how both interact along with applied voltage and current to minimise "noise" and preserve the signal.

    Bear in mind that along the way, the signal will have probably travelled through a fair few metres of PCB track and internal wiring looms before it gets anywhere near the amplifier output (ie from source to output).

    My own opinion is just to keep the interconnecting cables runs as short as physically possible, always use screened cable, and good quality connectors.  For installations where you don't intend to shift things about once you've settled on sources/amps etc, hardwiring to the circuits between kit is even better if possible (removing the RCA sockets on the kit and simply feed the cable through the holes, soldering to the ground return and signal points within). Sounds extreme but it's a great way to wire bits of kit up and does away with connectors.

    The importance of really good quality, well designed connectors shouldn't be under estimated.  These will likely far outstrip the value of the cable they're connected to but IME can make a significant difference to SQ by dint of materials, design and final quality and finish of surfaces. 
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  • Here is a rough design I offered Naim when I had Catch XXII before IPI and TQ were even thought of, and before I met Geoff.
    It was a inpractical design because the Ferro Plastic would have worn the tool out so quickly.

  • I developed the design further at TQ and Geoff had it patented two week before he and co forced me out of the company I founded and was and still is based on my designs, but we all know about prior knowledge and so the patent would have been useless, and a waste of money to do. And he is not that stupid is he!
  • Oooh ....
    Magnets and Litz - is it a marriage made in heaven ?
  • No not magnet, Ferro Magnetic Plastic like fridge magnet but not magnetized yet.
  • Hi Colin

    What's the objective of the Ferro Magnetic Plastic?

    Cheers. Bill
  • To increase the common mode coupling. By increasing the inductance reducing outside interference.
    Read on MacBeth.

  • Thanks Colin, I'll have a read.

    What I'd really like to do is put together a pair of really fantastic 6m speaker cables without spending vast amounts of money - I guess I need to do some reading and thinking, it's decades since I studied electronics!

    Cheers. Bill
  • Bill it not just the electronic's it is also chemical make up. But you now that I suspect.
  • Do you mean in terms of dielectrics?

    At the moment I'm in the foothills of getting my head around speaker cable issues - but it's certainly interesting!

    Cheers. Bill
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    Yes  that is one side effect but putting two dissimilar plastics together can cause some odd effects, i.e.Polystyrene and Polyethylene.
    Some odd things happen with PTFE and Polycarbonate so it does need in depth reading and understanding that I found hard. 
    Also Piezoelectric effects and the degradation of signal that causes. There is a lot in it, but I am sure the TQ Wizard understands all that by now.NOT
  • It all sounds a bit complicated for me in my kitchen!
  • But not Colin in his shed :-)
  • Hi Colin. Did you ever put up the XL file that you mentioned at the start of this thread?

    Thanks. Cheers. Bill
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