DIY 2-way speaker build: Ergo IX

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Afternoon All.
This is just a way mark to a thread I'm running on PFM

The thread is based around a group buy for the components for a very nice 2-way, infinite baffle stand mount speaker designed by a PinkFisher, James some time ago.  The GB will provide the drivers and cross-over components.  Have a look if interested.

Best wishes everyone,


  • Looks very interesting Andy - you're pretty handy at the old DIY! I really like the look of James' bigger Ergo design, but the whole thing is way beyond me!
  • I think OBs are beyond me.
  • Well lads, I'm rather crap with plan on getting a friendly furniture maker to whip up the cabs, the crossovers and dead simple and hard-wired (rather than pcb), stuff a load of fuzzy-stuff in there and hex-bolt the back on.  Should look and sound the business.
  • Good luck mate!

    I wonder how they'll compare to the RR3s
  • They look good Paul. Certainly price-wise.

  •  Yes, i'm tempted Dave, but the 84db worries me a bit, even in my piddly room :)

  • That'll need a bit of grunt, but I would have thought the TOCA would be up to it.
     Might well be.......i've not tried a SECA with anything less then about 88db.

     I've run small insensitive ib speakers before (atc sm7) with the lower powered NVA amps.........worked well, just not loud.
  • I've just checked the specs of my RR3s. They're 83dB and they're currently driven by 12 watts single-ended in a 27' room.

    In a smaller room, before we moved, the combo made plenty of noise, so I'm pretty sure you'd be OK.
  • Thats interesting Dave..... Thanks.
  • No probs ;-)

    And, in the old room with the RR3s, the Iridium Colin brought over was ear-splitting - depends on your musical taste, of course.
  • Happy to help anyone wanting to build a set of these, whether it's assembling crossovers for them or veneering cabinets, or even building them!
  • Cheers Paul.
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