Most hated hifi job...

Recently bought those Goodmans RB20 .
After having a chance to get things set up and listen properly it was clear that one of the woofers was rubbing. My understanding is that the previous owner had recently refoamed the speakers. Presumably during that process the offending rubber hadn't been quite aligned properly.
I unpicked the foam surround and managed to reattach it so it wasn't rubbing, but by god I hated doing it. I refoamed a pair of JPW AP1s a couple of years ago and didn't have to try hard at all to avoid rubbing, but the RB20 was a real bugger. There seemed to be absolutely no wriggle room at all around the non-rubbing sweet spot. A frustrating mixture of time, trial and error and luck eventually got me there, but it seemed a lot more difficult than the Youtube videos suggest...
Almost as bad as aligning a TT cart'...  ;)


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