National Space Centre

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Found myself there (in Leicester) this morning.
Thoroughly enjoyed it. A subject that interests me presented very well via artefacts, various displays / exhibits and the best planetarium show I've seen*.
Thorough recommend it.

*Though one of the subs / bass cabs was vibrating slightly. Which was annoying during "impact moments".


  • Agreed. A great place. I like their baked bean can display to demonstrate various masses due to gravitational differences on each planet in the solar system. Beautifully simple, interactive and effective. Also I like to imagine humanity reaching out into the stars and taking with them....tins of beans !

    Hopefully you got that little subs cabs issue sorted for them before you left, Doc 
  • Funny. I remarked on the bean tin thing myself. I'm sure the "sun" one was nailed down...
  • It was definitely nailed down. Either that or it was made of a similar density material to that which Paul is using as a plinth for his Michell Gyro SE. (That sentence has got me caught in a grammatical analysis loop  :-S    )
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