Guess the speaker

We have a 3-D CAD mock-up:


And we have progress to date:


Yes, there's no hole yet for the driver (or drivers ;-)  )as this is just a dry run to test joint fit for main carcass.

Internal bracing:


Panels:  Good and chunky. Front baffles could withstand a troupe of tap dancing hippos:



  • John Bercow?
  • Close...the resemblance is staggering in that he's a little wooden too...
  • Something Tannoy...?
    In any event, as always love the bracing work. Wonderfully sculptural. :-)
  • Nah. It's a corner tumble dryer, of course.
  • You've got me thinking Dave..corner tuble dryer with matching other corner washing machine...there may be legs on that idea....there's certainly going to be legs on the cabinets....just haven't decided on the design or jointing yet.

    Ben's right..."RFC-Canterbury" cabinets designed specifically for the Tannoy HPD315/A 12 inch drivers.  They may loosely resemble the original Tannoy corner Canterbury, except that they're a lot larger, made from different materials, tuned differently, more refined in design, heavier, properly braced, panel resonance (front baffle) is more than 45dB below programme at all frequencies (the benchmark for low panel resonance).  In fact, pretty much completely different except that they look similar!!!

    Grilles are made in three sections, each frame being hand made from solid OaK, rounded off to lower diffraction, covered in Tigan-look alike cloth from Cara Acoustics and mounted using my tried and tested magnetic fasteners, of which the baffle magnets will be located beneath the (soon the be applied) Walnut veneer.

    Crossovers are already made for these:


    Have decided to modify the connections such that the internal wiring in the cabinets is terminated to quality gold plated XLR chassis sockets, and the external crossovers will connect to the rear of the speaker using a male XLR.  These have more than sufficient electrical contact area and power handling, plus are wayyyyyyyyyy better than bananna plugs.  Nicer visually than plastic bodied pro-audio Speakon connectors too. I'll update progress here when I get the chance.  Chuffed with these and if and when funds permit, would love to build myself a pair.
  • I do like the perspex covers...
    The matching corner washer - dryer idea is genius.

  • Now taking shape  :D

  • Paul, If the bass is that powerful I can understand the braces wooo  :D lovely work.
  • Thanks Col.  The bass on these is "hit you in the guts" type bass response! :-SS
  • Bloomin' marvelous.
    Always love these threads...
  • Utterly beautuful (a la Henry Moore).
    Seems a shame to put a driver in it...
  • Almost there now...these taken this afternoon.  Just the final finishing to do over the next week or so


  • What a shame to cover all that lovely wood.
  • The grilles come off Dave  ;)

    They're only held in pace by hidden magnets (buried beneath the veneer).
  • Of course they are held in place by perfectly implemented discrete magent fasteners Paul. This is RFC we're talking about! :)

    I was going to post exactly the same thing Dave...
    If they were in my room, they'd be naked all the time. Gorgeous as they are without the covers. Although I appreciate that the covers are in the "best" traditions of Tannoy authenticity.

  • Yeah. I'm not keen on the obligatory 1940s-chic Tannoy look.

    If they were mine, I'd go for hyper-modern, just to upset the Tannoy traditionalists :-)
  • You philistine Rosam.
    "All the gear and no idea".
  • Hi-fi is soooo retro.
  • Trouble with doing that Dave (and I'd prefer a modern look myself) is that it would affect resale value.  They're not easily recovered either due to the construction (each frame is hand mitred and used mortice and tenon chucked together bodge hidden by covering strips here!)  and the cloth is glued into place around the smoothed off frame edges before fitting mitred solid walnut edgings.  I will make it simpler in construction for the next pair as they were a headache.  By keeping it traditional it actually appeals to a wider demographic plus this is what the client wanted.  Whilst I make recommendations to clients, I end up providing them with exactly what they want in the end as it's important that they are part of the decision making progress.
  • I understand all that, Paul.

    And Tannoy 'style' is one of the major things that would preclude me having a pair, even if I had the space and they sounded absolutely what I wanted. I don't live in a house full of antiques and browns - neither is it modern, either - but I do have a bit of interest in interior design and that would pull against the need to be able to sell it on to someone who doesn't ;-)

    I wonder if I'm the only person who struggles with Tannoys' appearance? 
  • Personally I don't agree David but it is a case of personal tastes.  In plain Oak (no grilles) with something like a Corian top, these would fit in with some very contemporary surroundings and even more so in light veneer such as a flame maple.  Oak tends to be the beige of the speaker world, it goes with almost anything!  The three legged corner appearance is quite Art Deco which is still quite fashionable.  Grille material is easy to specify or grilles can be dispensed with.  Had this same discussion countless times now and always found as many in favour as against when it comes to Traditional Tannoys...and to be fair, there were only ever TWO cabinets in the history of Tannoy that look close or were similar. The corner series (be that York, Chatsworth, Lancaster or Canterbury) and the Autograph.  The latter is horn loaded. Of the former, the more petite corner Chatsworth is one of the most sought after units today.  Mine are different by design or construction/tuning to any of those but share the rigid corner cabinet shape.
  • Sorry, Paul. I'm not having a go at your design. Honest!

    It's only the grilles that cause my taste buds to baulk. It's there that the traditional Tannoy-ness happens. And, as you say, they were designed to be like that.
  • No problems Dave honest  :))

    I really don't mind criticism as aesthetic design is something that will always divide opinion and I'd rather have honest opinions than a lack of interest!  I have a very thick skin and wasn't taking your comments as crticism, just offering my thoughts as differing to yours.  I had the Turnberrys and whilst many detested their grilles for the same reason, I actually rather liked them.  In the flesh they do lok so much better than any photo can do justice to.

    I'll post a few more once I have them oiled.  Two coats now applied but I have to unscrew all the grille surrounds to finish each one before reassembly, so it wont be a quick process.
  • Those look stunning Paul. Craftsmanship is off the scale as usual.

    I always wonder why Tannoy don't broaden the range of finishes they offer for their prestige range. For me it's not the slightly antiquated appearance, but their limited ala Henry Ford wood finish offering. They obviously know their market better than I do, but I bet many prospective customers are sidelined by the wood finish.
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    Thanks James.  I have a weeks work to finish these properly.  Tannoy aren't interested in the UK market for their Prestige Range which are aimed at the Far East mainly.  They deliberately leave them in the finish/style they do for a few reasons.  One is that the styling appeals to the Far eastern market and secondly their cabinets need to be built down to a price to remain profitable.  

    They are made in China now like so many other brands (and may even by part or wholly Chinese owned).  Their Presitige haven't been made in the UK for years.  They were made in India for a while (which upset the Far East market importers) and then switched to Poland with final assembly in Scotland, but AFAIK are now all made in China.  The cabinets are not finished to any real standard as when I received mine, I was supplied with a cloth and finishing wax!!!  The standard finish I thought was shocking.  Don't know if they've since improved.  Shame really to see Tannoy's ownership leave the UK.

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    A bit more progress:





  • Absolutely perfect looking.
  • PAC said:

      The cabinets are not finished to any real standard as when I received mine, I was supplied with a cloth and finishing wax!!!  The standard finish I thought was shocking.  Don't know if they've since improved.  Shame really to see Tannoy's ownership leave the UK.

    I don't know how many retailers in the UK kept any of these on demonstration but the last place I was involved in did. I do share your thoughts on the finish but somehow forgave them, maybe due to their uniqueness? I can almost smell them again looking at your pictures, despite the obviously better finish (already).
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    Yes, my thoughts too, but Tannoy played that card a little too strongly I think and the whole pride of ownership deal is one thing but supplying cabinets which had clearly only had an initial brush or spray applied coat of oil and coming with wax and cloths I thought was a little disappointing.  The one's I've built by comparison will have had many hours now invested in just the finish because I don't want them going to my client until they are up to a fine furniture standard.  I'd expect nothing less if I was the one paying the bill!
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    Final photos.  Frantic weekend getting these ready for both the client and a few interested parties who wish to audition them before they are collected:





  • Great. Simply great.
    I'll take two dozen.
  • Lovely stuff Paul
  • Very very nice Paul, great looking speakers
  • Thanks chaps. There will be another set here for the next RFC bake-off next year  ;)
  • Hi POC, nice speakers I just bought a pair of Tannoy 12 315 HPDs, I was wondering if you would share the blueprints?
  • Sorry for the type I on your name PAC
  • Very nice Paul, I would have lost fingers.
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    robw102 said:
    Hi POC, nice speakers I just bought a pair of Tannoy 12 315 HPDs, I was wondering if you would share the blueprints?
    Hi Rob

    many thanks.

    The 315's are a great driver, so congrats on your purchase.  The plans I'm afraid are not for public display, neither are the crossovers. Both took many months of design and are a commercial venture, so I hope you understand.  I do offer to sell the plans for the cabinets, and if you PM me, I can provide details.  

    I've been running an up-dated "MK2" version of the above for over a year now and can honestly say, they're the best I've ever heard.  I certainly have no plans, ever, to change them.
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    AntiCrap said:
    Very nice Paul, I would have lost fingers.
    I very nearly did Col!  :)
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