Merry Christmas!

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    Sorry Ben I mentioned SECA that's me on the really bad Santa list.

    OK it Christmas again, so no booze just money please  :D

    Merry Christmas, Ben, Dave, Justin , Paul, Paul, Simon, Helen, Alan, Alan, and special wish to James GET WELL SOON or Dave will nick your SECA.

  • Well said Colin.
    Merry Christmas to you too.
    Merry Christmas to one and all!

  • Merry Christmas Col and fellow Chewers :)

  • Merry Christmas Col and every gentle lady and gentleman who inhabit this civilised outpost.  Celebrate hard for 12 days from 25th!  Enjoy your families and your tunes.  A happy and peaceful Christmas to you all.
  • Merry Christmas to everyone on chews
    Special one to the one and only Colin.
    Get well soon.
  • Happy Christmas everyone on here hope you all have a great time
  • Merry Xmas my fellow HiFi enthusiasts  :D
  • Best Xmas for a long time Tesco sell Vinyl , now to try and buy some.

    " Jingle Bells Jingle Bells, digital lies have gone to hell and vinyl rules" Well done Santa.

    OK I am not a poet Dave. 
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