I'm not at work today.
Just sitting at home doing emails and stuff on my laptop on the sofa infront of my hifi.

The "and stuff" bit includes posting on chews.

About 30 minutes ago I put the Pablo Moses "Revolutionary Dream" album on the system. Even turned on the big sub to get more out of the reggae bass lines. My favourite song on the album is the last one: "Lonely Singer". I was naughty and put this on first.
Enjoying it, I decided to post it in the "Listening to..." thread here on chews. As is my wont, I included in my post a Youtube link to the song. And, as is also my wont, I checked out the Youtube link for myself on my own laptop to make sure it worked and was to the correct version of the song. To check the track for myself obviously I had to silence the hifi system so that I could hear the shitty little speakers in my laptop.
The link was fine.
Up until this point all good. No idiocy.
But in fact, I so enjoyed hearing "Lonely Singer" (again, this time through Youtube on my laptop), as I returned to my chews posting and emails, I forgot to turn off Youtube on my laptop. When Pablo's "Lonely Singer" came to an end, Youtube automatically slotted into the rest of the album and I ended up absent mindedly listening to the whole album on Youtube through my laptop, while my perplexed (and probably irritated) hifi sat at the other end of the room with the exact same album cued up ready to go in glorious hifi sound.

Oddly of course, I enjoyed the album through the laptop speakers. So maybe I don't need the hifi after all...! ;-)


  • Nah. Who'd need a hi-fi.
  • Scrap it ball Ben.  When you've no taste in music, it hardly warrants the outlay in the first place anyway mate ;)  :P


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