How to remove SMDs from a PCB

I generally do not tackle SMDs (I usually hope Colin does that part for me) but I wanted to modify a DAC and so I was forced to remove / replace some caps and resistors.

The first one took about 5 minutes, the second took the pad and track!!!

Struggling with the third I had a moment of clarity, this soon passed, then I thought why not use TWO soldering irons?

Two minutes later all the rest of the SMDs that I wanted to remove were off the board, no solder-sucker, no solder-braid, no stress, no fuss - worked like a dream.

p.s. I was able to re-set the track and pad so the DAC is working very nicely.


  •  Works well, as you've found.

     I've done this alot at work when I can't find the proper tool !
  • I just use a hammer, and sometimes teeth, works for me.

    Its a good solution Alan nice one.
  • Yup two irons work for me also.

    for IC's I don't usually bother trying to save them for re-use and just cut the legs off of those critters and then clean the pads with braid.
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