SMD soldering

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So SMD work (no sneaking out at the back)

Can be tricky but in my experience having the right tools for the job makes things so much easier even for a butter fingers like me.

Tools first (in no particular order)

Jewellers loop

Great for checking your work and keeping hands free.

Flux pen

Useful to apply to pads and components to ensure good solder flow.

De solder braid

Helpful for removing excess solder should you need to.

Needle nosed tweezers

Needed for picking and placing components.

I usually use an aerosol can lid to place the component in before soldering which prevents the component doing a disappearing act into the carpet.

Blue tac for holding the board steady while being worked on. Skates on ice without)

The right solder

I like this but any low melt solder is good.

Soldering iron wise I use my temp adjustable job with a fine pointy tip.

Soldering is pretty straight forward if done with a little care.

Here’s what I do.

1)      Gently fix the board to a flat serface with the blue tac.

2)      Start with innermost components first

3)      Select the component and place n the lid.

4)      Apply solder flux from the pen to one pad only and to one pad on the component.

5)      Apply a small amount of solder to the fluxed pad.

6)      Pick and place the component and apply the iron to the soldered pad AND COMPONENT pad.

7)      Check the joint with the loop and adjust for straightness.

8)      Apply flux to the other pad and component and re solder the first joint if needed.

9)      If too much solder is applied (looks like Mr blobby) then use the solder braid to suck some off. Beware the maplins stuff is not well loaded with flux so use the pen to apply a little more.

I’m sure that others will have their own way of doing things which is great and helps others to make the right choices for them.

SMD workers please do chip in. Likewise if I've missed something.

it's easier than it looks so do have a go.

we can take a look at DAC chips and such like later but they are not that hard.


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