New products just a brief note.

E.W. Audio 50W Stereo

BW 5Hz – 40KHz ±0dB

BW 2Hz- 100KHz -3dB

Out Power 50W/ch @ 8Ω

Output 98W/ch @ 4Ω

DC offset ≤ 10mV typically 2mV

Damping Factor ≥ 100 typically + 100

This power amplifier is design to produce the superb acoustic of a SECA design without the huge heat dissipation.

The 50W has a total of 8 high complementary power transistors all driven by the own pre-drivers, and a unique current sharing technique on the bass current and emitter current to insure a true balanced performance.

Each pre-drive is set to run in a SECA drive formation and all 8 of these is driven by a SECA stage which has the only voltage gain stage this allow us to use minimum feedback and reduces the sometimes drastic effects this has on the music. The main reason for this feedback is to keep the DC off set very low, this reduces the forced positioning of the voice coils in the speaker and thus less distortion.

The drive stage is biased as a SECA with a constant current load as the SECA designs in the E.W.Audio range. But it is only 1W thus the heat is minimal it works so well the amplifier runs cool or just warm and normal use.

The ouput transistor are rated at 160V 25A 150W and we use 8 a chanel so no stress and it allows us to have a I2T rating of 100s of amps.

The drivers and SECA stage of the circuit uses transistors with what would seem a extreme device but it give a perfect waveform following out rated at 100MHz + BW and 120V working should never be stressed and giving a long life.

The damping factor is unusual as it increases as the load is increased. Due to the unique bias technology the output impedance decreases as the current demand is increased.

E.W.Audio 20W Channel

BW 5Hz – 40KHz ±0dB

BW 2Hz- 100KHz -3dB

Out Power 25W/ch @ 8Ω

Output 38W/ch @ 4Ω

DC offset ≤ 10mV typically 2mV

Damping Factor ≥ 20

This tiny amplifier will fool you it is only 25W/ch but use the same unique circuit of the 50W.

Ideal for small rooms and bedrooms students will love it and paired with the right speakers will be to amp to keep.



E.W.Audio 100W Channel

BW 5Hz – 40KHz ±0dB

BW 2Hz- 100KHz -3dB

Out Power 130W/ch @ 8Ω

Output 255W/ch @ 4Ω

Output 420W/ch @ 2Ω

DC offset ≤ 10mV typically 2mV

Damping Factor ≥ 200

This amp is based on the same design as the 50W and the 20W but rated at 100W/ch.

It uses 16 output device and each channel as its own power supply including transformer. Biased more in to “A” Class region of the output devices and this will make the amplifier will run warmer in the music playing state. So we fit large heat sinks to allow this dissipation of heat more effectively.

It is a bridge amplifier design and this reduces the power rail voltages but does increase the current demand but there is no high current zero volts or earth return, this reduces the possibility of power supply modulation and increases the quality of the reproduction music


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