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Does anybody have anything about Russell K speaker and the company boss. Russell Kaufman?
I first met Russell in the late 1980,s when he was involved with Studio Power, and they asked me to design a cheap speaker I did and it got fair to good reviews.

Then in 1990 the all Hifi crash year started thanks Maggie and I was involved in a car crash which killed Jenny.
Dear Russell came all the way down from Leeds to pick me up at Weston - Super - Mare hospital, I was confused dazed and it did not sink in Jenny was gone. His wife and he took good care of me but as I said Studio Power was in the Maggie kill's company days.

Like many other good company Studio Power died just before we where about to relaunch the Inca Tech Quatra as a studio power beast.
I then got in with the wonderful Dr. Frazer from Oxford Acoustics, meanwhile Paul Bullen and Russell tried to revive my design for the Quatra under the name of Lescon. But again money talks and thy offered me just £1.00 for the right I never sold them, In the end I had to take both parties to court to force them to stop making it , I won but the clever Paul took it to China so we got the Lescon Quatra.

The reason I bring this up, is it strange that it is the same distributor for that Cable Company and Russell K ??? who next I wonder Magnum?

Me Paranoid you bet.


  • Russell K is the brand and Russell Kaufman is the "man behind" the brand...?
    I know nothing of either.
    In any event you sound grateful to him for the care he showed you after your accident and bereavement.
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