What source do people use

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Hi all just asking what cd players people use and have used and would recommend and what turntable and arms people use and recommend.
Many thanks ;;)


  • Have abandoned CD players. Upload them all onto my pc and play through JRiver these days. I'd love to give you a virtuous reason, but truth is I'm just too lazy to wait for the CD drawer to open 8-|

    Would like to hear what TT options people are using though, and why. So thanks for putting that out there.
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    I'm 100% digital, and have been for years.

    It must be a decade or more since I started ripping CDs and streaming them, so I can't really help you with either question :-(

    I think a lot of us stream rather than use CD players.

    Personally, the reasons are that I believe a computer source streaming audio files knocks **** out of most CDPs. I've also used separate DACs even with CD drives for decades. By ripping to a NAS drive, I can put all our digital media - CDs, DVDs and BluRays - in the loft and out of our living space.

    Oh, and it's easier to play anything I want.
  • I use CD players and vinyl (not together you understand!)

    I wont go down the streaming route as software is ever evolving, bandwidth ever being chewed up and reliability remains a long term issue, plus really couldn't be bothered ripping hundreds of CDs to file, then investing in laptops/servers/ipdads and all of that nonsense.  I like to keep it simple, have physical media as much for the tactility and overall experience of the thing plus it slows you down and you're more likely to listen to albums than skip between tracks.  In short, it's an aid to relaxation to my mind anyway.

    Also, many of my recordings or the ones I value simply aren't available as digital files and I really couldn;t be bothered fanatically trying to see if I can trace them down.

    I'll stick to scratchy discs with pointy needles wiggling about in the grooves and CD.  FWIW, I think that the argument that digital streaming from files being superior to CD simply isn't true.  I've heard some appalling downloaded so called "hi rez" files which CD could knock spots off, and equally, I've heard (and probably own) a lot of appallingly mastered CDs.

    Pick a decent CDP and use well mastered CD recordings and I'd defy anyone to tell the sound from any other digital source.

    At the end of the day it matters less what source you use and more on the quality of the recording for enjoyment.  Irrespective of how superior the source in terms of distortion, our speakers and rooms add so much back in that enjoyment becomes a very personal thing based on what we like to hear.
  • Just a media PC for me these days.
    I have hung on to my Pioneer PL71 (currently in my loft) as my hope is to set up a separate vinyl system a spare bedroom once the kids have buggered off in a few years.
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    I have a boring TT, a Planar 2. It has a nice cartridge though (DL110). Sounds pretty good.

    I had a lovely Garrard 401 which I would own again, despite not having too many records. It sounded great.

    mainly stream from a 2015 Mac mini to an M2Tech Young. It sounds as
    good as analogue to me (as far as I can tell, given mastering
    differences) and it is super reliable.

    I agree with Dave
    Uglymusic that streaming has the capacity to whup most CD players unless
    you get something quite special. The reason for streaming has little to
    do with High Resolution downloads by the way, I almost never listen to
    them. I find ripped CDs (provided something has not been messed up)
    sound better and streaming is wonderfully convenient.

    As for
    there being something romantic about playing a record, I guess I can see
    that. It doesn't really seem like a dealbreaker to me though.

    I think the main difference on a decent CD player can be designers who worked in analogue design creating beautiful output stages. DAC designs typically used with computer based HiFi's are perhaps more digital technology. I'd be surprised to see a really good class A output stage on a modern DAC (which doesn't cost the earth) that bests a really good CD player.

    (sorry for strange formatting, my internet dropped out so I cut and pasted)
  • Heinz Tomato Ketchup is my favoured sauce.
  • CD only now.

    Got an old IBM T40 I used to use for streaming spotify, but never ventured any further then this.

    I still miss my vinyl though.......and have had some nice decks over the years.Linns,Roksans,PT's etc.

    My last was a Pink triangle Anniversary/Kuzma Stogi tonearm with a Kiseki Agate Ruby cartridge.
  • I used to have a pink triangle deck was lovely. Should have kept it.
    I use a linn axis with a rb 300 at the moment.
    Always on the look out for something special.
  • I've never heard of an Axis fitted with anything other then a Linn arm. Wasn't the top plate one piece on those like the Xerxes ?

    Probably got enough bits here to make a couple of PT decks, but just never get round to it.
  • Sounds Like a build come on. Lol
  • That Pink Triangle was some deck, I remember mine with fond memories, have a Planar 3,RB300 arm, no cart as not using it, also use the REGA Apollo CD player, streaming Tidal through Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
  • Oops. I also stream Tidal in two ways.

    Via the Tidal app on my iMac in my office and via the iPad app using AirPlay to an Airport Express and through optical to the Young DAC for the main system and through another Airport Express to a pair of cheap powered speakers in the kitchen.

    TBH, I'm listening to many times more Tidal than my own material. Sign of the times?
  • It's just so easy, bloody good quality as well
  • I'm very impressed with Tidal.
  • Is that high tidal or low tidal?
  • High Tidal of course! What else would I use?  :D
  • Does that mean it only sounds good twice a day?
  • Tidal is very impressive, easy to use, great sound
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    Me I use Saturn lovely sound.

  • @PAC. It means it just washes over you  =))
  • (groan)  :)
  • Paul what is a Groan is it a digital product he he.

    I use often a old Micromega CD player and a homemade DAC and a Blue Ray player with FLAC recording and my lovely signal generator just to upset the squirrels, who keep popping in to say hi. 
  • I'm also a digital only man, using a MacBook Pro into a DIY dddac, quite astonished by the sq
  • Yes but how do keep the bit rate up when flicking the switch from OFF to ON and OFF again, you must have fast hands James.  :D
  • Do what? Your speaking double Dutch again
  • No Anti-Clockwise Wonf, it is totally different from double Dutch honest. You just need your brain rewired like mine and a few broken connection your see.
  • "Yes but how do keep the bit rate up when flicking the switch from OFF to ON and OFF again, you must have fast hands James.  "

    This is making me giggle a lot Colin. Thanks 
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    Did somebody mention" digital witches"?  I knew that there was witchcraft involved in this digital malarkey.  So the SQ depends on the witches being switched? What do you switch them for?

    Anne-a-log tells me that she offers the best SQ.  Scratchy knee-dills in discos or something.  Sounds more like fun than switchy witches to me.


    8-} 8-} 8-} <:-P
  • I agree Paul, to hardwire anything makes sense.
    I still don't quite get Colin's conment, oh well
  • Thought I'd revive this old thread wot be 'ere like mateys.

    I'm a total tart and use everything! LP, cassette, minidisc, CD, portable DAP, PC audio, YT, Spotify, radio though no DAB here, we're still FM.

    If it plays music it's fine by me. Although if i was really honest it's beacause I'm just too lazy to transfer everything to one format.
  • I'm 100% the opposite. I stream everything.

    Over the network from minimserver on my NAS to Raspberry Pis. Or using TIDAL or Spotify from iOS devices to Raspberry Pis via AirPlay.

    How simple and space-saving is that?

    Our DVDs are also gradually finding their way on to the NAS as well, but that's not music.
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