Chris Potter lets rip

Potter normally bores the pants off me, despite his towering reputation, and having seen him live a few times. 

But I found this 45 minute documentary on YouTube today about his Underground band, the only context I've ever felt he was doing more than joining the dots like a true craftsman. 

To my ears, the band sounds a bit like a more accessible version of Tim Berne's bass-less electric bands from a few years earlier - they included Craig Taborn (as here in Underground), sometimes, and guitarist Marc Ducret. 


  • Thanks Dave. Don't know Mr. Potter.
    But yes, as you predicted, I found his music fairly accessible in that piece.
  • That's good. I put this kind of stuff out there, just in case someone likes it!
  • Woah there boy.
    I said "accessible". :P
    No, in fairness, I felt some enjoyment when watching it.
  • Watch out, now. You may just start finding yourself enjoying the backwoods of Ugly Music :-O
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