Mains filter

My work audio is on the tilter
Mains noise knocks it out of kilter
Don't want to buy
'Cause the price make me cry
So let's DIY a mains filter


Let me describe the problem. I've been getting PC fan noise coming through when using any better grade form of playback (e.g. ASIO). I have improved the PC fans quality, added and extra one to share the strain and now use a fan control programme to optimise speed against CPU temp. Finally I fitted in line filters to the PWM controlled fans.

That little round of changes has been very effective. However, after some required changes to the mains distribution at work it is now unavoidable to have the PC and a commercial refridgerator sharing the same mains radial (no rings here in Spain). I now get a lot of noise from said fridge when the cooling fan for the compressor kicks in. Aaaggggghhhh!!!!

Therefore, I am now thinking mains filter for the PC or mains suppressor for the fridge?

I found the below, any good or can we do better?


  • Kill the noise at source, ie. fridge (or digital lies) The fan in the PC is it 12V/5v or mains?? and AC or DC ??
  • Your spot on Crap, can I call you that? Too late I guess. What if we can't kill it at source, ie. turn off fridge etc. What's plan B?
  • All PC fans are 12vdc and are now silent.
    The fridge fan is 240vac. I first thought it was the compressor causing the noise but no, it's the fan.

    Leading on we now have Crap, Reign and 66 in this thread?
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