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Went to Richard Mosse's "Incoming" at the Barbican this afternoon.

It was basically a 30 minute long cinematic piece, shown in a high gallery. Wander in and out as you please arrangement. Most people standing. (No one wandered out.)
Beyond that I can't really explain the piece itself.
It utterly consumed me.
Personally I didn't find it especially political, sentimental, cloying, tragic or anything like that; less so than news reports on the same subject anyway. Rather, I found it an incredibly intense experience. Terribly so, really. The video, audio and gallery space combined in ways that achieved for me something that I always want art to do (be it visual, musical or whatever) but that it so rarely achieves for me - To get right inside me and to fix me utterly and completely in the moment.
In that sense it was the best piece of art I've ever experienced. Intensely effecting.
Anyone else been?


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