Tellurium Q inside

Since starting to use EWA speaker cables, I've been thrilled with the improvement of my system. I've also been left with a tangle of redundant Tellurium Q speaker cables, Colin's early 'draft' for the newer EWA products.

So with a lot of time and determination, I rewired my speakers internally with the old TQ. My 3.5 way Triangle are large, so the 10 metre pair only was just enough!

I wired from the binding posts into the crossovers, and from crossovers to drivers (soldering directly to the driver takes rather than using spades). I used single cable runs to each horn loaded compression driver and singles to the paper mid range units, and double runs to each of the four bass drivers.

Colin's speaker cable designs are an absolute git to work on, being long winded, awkward, dirty and smelly (you need to burn off the insulation on the metal strands before solder will take) - but after many hours it was complete.

The step up in fine filigree detail and bass impact has been a thrill, and the stereo image has become so substantial in size and presence it is almost solid. Just goes to show Colin was into something with his loudspeaker cable design concepts.

I'm delighted, as my TQ was becoming ratty old stuff with damaged and paint splattered insulation. The second hand values of TQ has taken a hammering recently from what I can see, so I had been wondering what to do with it. Getting an upgrade of this magnitude was a really nice surprise. Thank you Colin!


  • Great thing to be able to do Alan.
    Perfect way to reuse 2nd choice cables. :-)
  • Hello,

    did anyone tried EWA LS25 cables on naim equipment? I'd like to know if there is real improvement over NACA5 and if the minimum 3.5m length has to be respected too.

    Also read the TQ green had been developped especially for Naim. Would appreciate if anyone has done comparision of two cables (or even with TQ black or UB).

  • Malcolm Stewart did see TQ review.
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