Tin foil hat zone!

I thought we could have a thread for more off-the-wall content, not necessarily HiFi or music related.
Something you've encountered or maybe tried.
Just plonk 'em e're guv, luuuuuuuvly.

I was having a niggle with the short range of 5G on my router and wondered if anything could be tweaked.
A molto vivace later, of the qwerty kind, I was presented with Tom foolery to try out at zero cost. This isn't new BTW.

The solution, apparently, are parabolic reflectors made out of.......yes, tin foil!

Printer, scissors, glue and tape later I had two glorious parabolic reflectors to fit onto the antennae of my router.

I had taken some arbitrary strength measurements before, in order to test the after. With great cynicism I sat back, at the borders of the 5G range, and tested again. All bars up on the phone and a 5dB increase in signal strength. I moved further away and managed to keep all bars at nearly double the distance. Feather and falling down come to mind along with a big thumbs up.....maybe if I used rainbow foil....naaaaaaaah!



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